Personal Training & Assessments
Recreation Services provides the highest quality of personal training, counselling and fitness assessments. Our comprehensive services will assist you in defining your current state of fitness, improving on areas of weakness and enhancing areas of strength. A safe, effective and individualized program can be developed according to your needs, interests and goals. Monitoring your fitness level provides an excellent motivator to keep you on track.

Who Should See A Personal Trainer?

  • Anyone requiring an individualized program to meet specific needs and goals
  • Anyone requiring individual attention and or feedback.
  • Those who have reached a plateau in their current training program and would like to safely and effectively enhance performance.
  • Those struggling to become or remain physically active or have trouble finding enjoyment in physical activity.

How Often Should I See My Trainer?

The number of visits with your personal trainer depends on your specific needs and goals, along with your trainer's recommendation.  The more often you meet with your personal trainer the easier it will be to acheive success!

Professional Staff

Our personal training staff are available to provide you with safe and progressive programs to help meet your health and fitness goals! Whether you are just becoming active or want advanced training for specific goals we can provide you with the knowledge and direction to help you achieve your desired results.

All personal trainers employed with Recreation Services are certified through the Canadian Society of Exercise Physiology (CSEP) as Certified Personal Trainers (CPT) or Certified Exercise Physiologists (CEP). CSEP is the GOLD STANDARD of health and fitness professionals dedicated to getting Canadians active safely by providing the highest quality customized and specialized physical activity and fitness programs, guidance and advice based on extensive training and evidence-based research.

Additionally, many of our trainers have completed their Bachelor of Kinesiology degree (B.Kin) ensuring that they can provide our members with the best research based program development and delivery available. 

Fitness Attendants

Fitness attendants are employed by Recreation Services to help you on your journey towards an Active Healthy Lifestyle! The Fitness Attendant (wearing a blue staff shirt) is there to ensure a safe and respectable exercise environment suitable for members of all ages and abilities. Aside from monitoring the Active Living Centre and the Joe Doupe Recreation Centre, fitness attendants strive to inspire, educate and motivate anyone and everyone about the benefits of adopting an active, healthy lifestyle.

All fitness attendants are certified with CPR /First Aid/AED training annually and are certified through the Canadian Society of Exercise Physiology, Manitoba Fitness Council or National Strength and Conditioning Association.

So whether you have a question about your current fitness program, looking for something new or simply need a spot; ask a Fitness Attendant, they are there to help you!

Professional Services

For more information contact:

*Please note that personal and group training is prohibited (in Active Living Centre, Frank Kennedy Centre, Max Bell Centre, IGAC and Joe Doupe Recreation Centre) by any individual(s) not employed as a Recreation Services Certified Personal Trainer.

We require 24 hours notice for any cancellations or appointment changes, otherwise there will be an additional $30.00 charge.

Learn From Our Pros

Personal Training Blog

Scroll through our blog below to get tips, tricks, advice and education in the world of personal training. Our pros have some great information for you to read to help you acheive your health and fitness goals!

Tips from the Trainer

"Tips from the Trainer" is a video feature that offers technical advice for exercise, opportunities to become physically active and information and resources on many other topics that focus on health promotion and healthy living.  With the risk of disease and the economic cost of health care on the rise, we feel it is important to continue to educate our community on the benefits of leading an active and healthy lifestyle.

All Tips from the Trainer authors are Recreation Services professionals and students who are experts in the field of health promotion and healthy living.  Visit this page often or subscribet to our YouTube channel to get the latest video article as they become available.

Current Video

CSEP Certification

The Active Living Centre is a CSEP Certified Fitness Centre (CSEP-CFC), the highest caliber of fitness facilities and physiology labs in Canada. The CSEP-CFC designation recognizes facilities who employ qualified exercise professionals, follow evidence-based assessment and training protocols and meet CSEP standards for operating procedures and safety.



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