Group Fitness - Bannatyne Campus
The following are descriptions of the fitness programs available at the Joe Doupe Centre at the Bannatyne campus. These classes are drop-in only and are included with your membership. All skill levels are welcome to participate as these are non-competitive and fun programs.

All fitness instructors employed by Recreation Services are accredited through the Manitoba Fitness Council (MFC).

Class Locations

  • Joe Doupe Recreation Centre: Gymnasium, Studio

Class Schedule

Class Descriptions

 4 x 4 - 4 minutes of step followed by 4 minutes of Hi/Lo Impact.

Body Blitz - Variety of cardio styles and combinations in 10 minute blocks. May include Latin Fusion, Hi/Lo, Kickboxing, and a strength component.

Body Conditioning
- Total body muscle workout includes functional exercises using balls, bands, weights, and gliders.

Body Sculpt
- Muscle conditioning workout

Boot Camp
- Circuit type class without choreography.

Cardio Ball
- Traditional Hi/Lo moves using ball for throws, bounces, catches. Includes a strength component using the ball.

Cardio Buffet
- Cardio workout with a variety of different cardio formats; steps, Hi/Lo, Latin

Cardio Core Conditioning Camp
- Different drills and high intensity exercises; may be cardio or strength depending on the day.

Cardio Dance
- Choreographed dance moves and routines including hip hop, Latin, disco, jazz, and ballet.

Cardio Explosion
- Choreographed class of different cardio moves, modifications will be given for intensity and impact. Strength training is added in.

Cardio Fusion
- Blend of world beat and big flowing dance with sun-salutation; followed by Pilates style core work, relaxation, and meditation.

Cardio Max
- Cardiovascular endurance, lots of choreography.

Double Step
- Movement back and fourth between steps with lots of choreography.

Flexible Fusion
- Step class with a slightly slower tempo that uses well known yoga poses for a cardio workout. Strength and toning are included.

Group Power
- Muscle strength and endurance activities for the whole body; different equipment is used such as steps, dumbbells, resistance bands, stability balls, or the Bosu ball.

Gut n’ Butt
- Muscle strength and endurance activities for the core and butt.

Hi/Lo Impact
- Choreographed floor routine followed by a muscle component.

Hi/Lo Interval
- Hi/Lo choreography inter-spread with muscle conditioning; 4 minutes of cardio and 4 minutes of muscle.

HIIT Training
- Also known as High Intensity Interval Training, these classes alternate between a series of short intense exercise with quick rest periods.

Latin Mania
- Choreographed class with Latin music and dance moves.

- Step on and off an adjustable platform with choreography.

Step & Sculpt
- Step work with resistance training component.

- Step work with a strength training component.

Step n’ Pump
- Step work with light choreography and hand weights.

Strength Yoga
- A muscle strength and resistance class for the whole body. The yoga component focuses on relaxation and mediation.

Super Stretch
- This class will stretch naturally tight muscles. Stretches are held up to a minute each

Tabata Training
- The class follows HIIT; 20 seconds of high intensity work followed by 10 seconds of rest for 4 minutes until new exercises are introduced.

- Variety of choreography and dance styles.