Connect with community by becoming a teacher

Connect with community
by becoming a teacher

Educators are leaders who help shape the future of the communities where they live. Studying to become a teacher, you gain a foundation to build a meaningful and fulfilling career in education to work either in classroom or in non-classroom settings.

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Pursuing a Bachelor of Education degree at Manitoba’s only research-intensive university will prepare you to become a successful K-12 teacher.

Our Bachelor of Education (BEd) program includes:

• Three stream options. Choose a specific age-group to specialize in teaching: early years (K-Grade 4), middle years (grades 5-8) and senior years (grades 9-12).

• Practicum school experience options, including: urban, rural, French immersion, northern and international settings.

• Courses that focus on areas such as Indigenous knowledge and curriculum, inclusive education, cross-cultural education, technology, second-language education, education for sustainable development and curriculum areas in sciences, arts, social studies, languages, math, human ecology and physical education.

Our Faculty of Education is located on the Fort Garry Campus where numerous campus-wide resources are available for students.

Additionally, the Faculty of Education provides BEd students with:

• Small classes in upgraded classrooms

• Faculty of Education student group communities

• Numerous scholarships and bursaries, specifically for BEd students

• Research opportunities with professors (Undergraduate Research Awards): 

• Faculty community service learning programs

• Opportunities to participate in professional/academic conferences

• University-school partnerships, and

• National and international award-winning professors who teach BEd and graduate courses and conduct extensive research.


steps and requirements


A Bachelor of Education (BEd) at the University of Manitoba is an after-degree program. It is a two-year program that follows completion of a bachelor’s degree.

Your first university degree and the courses you have taken must meet the BEd admissions requirements.

If you do not have a bachelor’s degree

You can incorporate the BEd requisite courses while completing your bachelor’s degree. See step 1 to find the corresponding information for high school or university students.

If you have completed a bachelor’s degree

You can start by assessing your first-degree and courses to see if you meet the BEd admission requirements. See step 1 to find the corresponding information for degree holders.


Step 1

Ensure your first university degree includes all the required courses for  admission to the BEd program.


If you are a high school student applying for university entry: 

Use the following resources to help you choose your first degree and courses:


If you have any questions about this or about the BEd program, contact the University 1 First Year Centre

If you are currently a university student pursuing your first degree:

Use the following resources to help you check your progress toward admission to the BEd program.


If you have any questions about this or about the BEd program, contact academic advising services in your faculty or the Faculty of Education Academic Advising services.

If you hold a bachelor’s degree:

Use the following resources to see if your first bachelor degree and the courses you took meet the admissions requirements:


If you have any questions about this or about the BEd program, contact Faculty of Education Academic Advising services.

Note for internationally educated teachers:

Teaching is a regulated profession in Canada. Please review the following information about Manitoba's education system and teaching in the province.



  • Stay in touch. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and/or UM Today.
  • Volunteer with children and/or youth programs to gain experience with your preferred age group before entering the BEd program.

Step 2

Apply to the BEd program by the stated deadline.

Online applications are available in November and the deadline to apply is Feb. 1. You must complete your first degree and requisite courses by the end of the winter term in the year of your application.

Find more specific requirements in the Applicant Information Bulletin (updated in November for the Feb. 1 application deadline).

Step 3

Complete your BEd courses & practicum.

It takes two years of full-time study to complete the Bachelor of Education program.
Although students are able to complete their degree on a part-time basis, note that day-time attendance is required and the practicum requires full-time attendance.

Step 4

Apply for professional certification from Manitoba Education and Training

 “As you near the end of completing your Bachelor of Education program, the next step to becoming a professionally certified teacher in Manitoba is to complete your certification application with the Professional Certification Unit (PCU).” —Manitoba Education & Training




Employment after the BEd program

Teaching is an exciting profession, extending across many areas of employment.

Under the current collective agreement, provincially certified teachers working full time qualify for a minimum starting wage of at least $56,047.

Additionally, teaching can offer a lifestyle conducive to work-life balance while continuing professional development. Explore some career options on the following links:

Note: Additional training may be necessary for some of these positions.