Vice-Provost (Students)


The Vice-Provost (Students) has senior leadership responsibility for units within Enrolment Services, the Registrar’s Office, Student Academic Success, Student Engagement and Student Support. The Vice-Provost (Students) coordinates and supports a University-wide focus and vision for enhancing student life and the student experience at the University of Manitoba both inside and outside the classroom. She has responsibility for all functions that impact the student experience and student success including, but not limited to, policies on student matters, student behaviour and communication with students. As well, she has direct responsibility for the development and implementation of the University’s Strategic Enrolment Management Plan, that is, student recruitment and student retention and success.


Susan Gottheil is Vice-Provost (Students) at the University of Manitoba, where she is involved in Strategic Enrolment Management planning and working with colleagues across the campus to enhance the student experience. She has over three decades of leadership experience in the Canadian post-secondary sector helping institutions to promote and expand academic programs, increase student recruitment and retention, enhance learning and development, improve student and academic support services, and promote collaborative partnerships.

With an undergraduate degree from McGill University and an MA in Women’s History, Susan began her career at Vanier College Cegep in Montreal where she spent nine years teaching before moving into senior administrative positions at Carleton University. In 2006, Susan moved to western Canada to help Mount Royal transition from a college to a university and roll out new undergraduate degree programs. Susan’s background and experience cover a number of key areas including enrolment management, strategic planning, student and academic services, integrated marketing and communications, and employment and educational equity. Known for having a warm, energetic and outgoing personality, Susan is motivated by new challenges. She has inspired, managed and led cross-functional staff and faculty teams to dramatically increase student enrolment and retention, improve student service delivery and student support programs, and enhance student success at all the institutions she has worked with. Over the past few years, Susan has collaborated with Clayton Smith on the emergence and implementation of enrolment management in Canada. They have presented workshops at a number of professional conferences in the U.S. and across Canada, published articles, co-edited a book on SEM in Canada, and organized the annual Canadian Strategic Enrolment Management Summits. Susan has helped a number of Canadian institutions develop strategic enrolment plans in her role as a Senior Consultant with AACRAO Consulting.

Ms. Susan Gottheil
Vice-Provost (Students)

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