Desautels Recording Studio


The Desautels Faculty of Music's recording studio is Pro Tools-based studio housed in the Tache Arts Complex. The studio is outfitted with the highest quality equipment in order to accommodate the most complex recording demands. 


The studio boasts a unique design in which the control room is patched to multiple rehearsal rooms in both analog and digital protocols. This allows the client to take advantage of the distinct acoustics in each room, all which have been designed to provide a desired balance of absorption, diffusion, and reverb. This feature also gives clients the freedom to choose a recording space according to their sound and space needs.


The Desautels Faculty of Music is excited to invite outside groups and individuals to explore the record production options that we offer. Please contact our dedicated in-house technician Kenneth Mlodzinski at to book a consultation.



Studio Amenities


Mic Preamps
 - Universal Audio 2-610
 - Great River MP-2NV (x2)
 - API Mic A2D
 - Grace Audio m802 (x3)


 - Genelec 8351A DSP Speakers
 - Genelec 7360A Sub Subwoofer
Control Surface
 - Avid Artist Mix System
 - Avid Artist Transport Control
 - Avid HD OMNI
 - Avid HD MADI
 - RME MADI Router
 - Antelope Isochrone OCX clock
 - iMac(Retina 5K, 27 inch, 2017)
 - Processor4.2Ghz Intel Core i7
 - Memory64 GB 2400 MHz DDR4
 - Startup DiskMacHD
 - Neumann U67 (original) x2
 - AKG C24 (orginal)
 - Audio Technica 4033 x2
 - Shure SM81 x4
 - Shure SM57 x2
 - Shure SM58 x2
 - Sennheiser 421 x2
 - Audix MI250B (with boom system) x4