Awards Exclusive to University 1
Award: University 1 Student Council Scholarship Award
Deadline: September 20, 2019
Application Form (PDF)
Amount: $1,000.00
Awarded/Year: 6 (one award is reserved for Indigenous students)
Selection Criteria: Awarded to an individual entering U1 directly from High School; who has achieved a high school average of at least 85% in courses considered by UM for admission and have demonstrated evidence of a high level of extra-curricular involvement and contributions made to their high school community, and/or community at large.
Application Instructions: Applicants must submit an application (PDF), to the University 1 Student Council Scholarship Committee, that will include:
  1. A description of their extra-curricular and community involvement (maximum 500 words);
  2. An official copy of their high school transcript (including Grade 12 marks);
  3. One letter of reference from someone other than a relative who can speak to extra-curricular involvement and contributions made to the school and/or wider community.
Student Council Scholarship Award Application Form (PDF)
Award: Robert Alan Kennedy Scholarship
Amount: $2,850.00
Awarded/Year: 1
Selection Criteria: Highest standing in University 1. Minimum GPA 4.0 and have completed 30 credit hours. The award is tenable in any faculty or school at the University of Manitoba.
None required.
Award: Isbister Scholarship in University 1
Amount: $1,600.00
Awarded/Year: 13
Selection Criteria: Highest Standing in University 1 and continuation in any degree program at the UM – must have completed 24-30 credit hours.
Application Instructions: None required.
Other Funds Available
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February 12, 2019


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