Options to Apply

When deciding to join the English Language Centre, students have 3 academic pathways to choose from to apply:

  • Conditional Admission: English Language Centre Plus University Studies (Advanced/Direct Entry
  • Already applied to University of Manitoba-need English Language Centre
  • Regular Admission: English Language Centre

Conditional Admission

Conditional admission is an option where you will gain acceptance to an undergraduate program on the condition that you complete the English Language Centre’s Level 5 program first. This is an excellent option for students who have met all other academic requirements but do not meet the University’s English Language Proficiency requirements.

After you complete the ELC’s Level 5 program you will be able to move directly into your undergraduate program without submitting a new application.

Conditional Admission is only available for:

Direct Entry (available for students who just finished high school or have less than 24 credit hours of post-secondary education).

Advanced Entry (available for students who have more than 24 credit hours of post-secondary education).

Students who wish to apply to other faculties/programs such as Business or Engineering must submit a separate application after they have completed their studies at the English Language Centre.

To learn more about the application process to Undergraduate Programs, please click here.

Already applied to University of Manitoba-need English Language Centre

This option is only available to students who have already submitted an initial application to any undergraduate program, but are ineligible because they do not meet the English Language Proficiency Requirement. When selecting this option you must already have an application in the system. We will combine these two applications and assess you for conditional admission to University 1, Faculty of Arts, Faculty of Sciences, or Extended Education. 

Regular Admission (English Language Centre Only)

Regular Admission is an option where you are only accepted to the English Language Centre and not to any undergraduate program. This option is best suited for students who are wishing to increase their academic English ability, or for those who wish to go on to Graduate Level Studies (Students need to apply directly to the Faculty of Graduate Studies).

Please note that in order to apply for regular admission, no official documents such as transcripts or proof of graduation are necessary. If you have an English Proficiency Score (such as IELTS, TOEFL, CanTest, etc.) please submit it when applying or by email to elc@umanitoba.ca.

For more information about these 3 options, please see the Applicant Information Bulletin (PDF).

We look forward to welcoming you to Winnipeg and Canada. If you have any questions or concerns during the application process, please contact us.