Who is covered by the Manitoba International Student Health Plan (MISHP)?

Any international student who is registered with the University of Manitoba will be covered by the Manitoba International Student Health Plan. Degree-seeking students, English Language Centre program students, and those in Extended Education certificate programs are included in the plan in 2019-2020.

It is mandatory for international students in Manitoba to have primary health coverage. However, if you have comparable coverage—for example, if you have Manitoba Health coverage through a spouse or if you are already covered by MISHP because you took a course at another institution—you can request an opt out. Opt outs are managed by the administrator. To learn more, contact Studentcare.

Family coverage for a spouse and/or dependants can be purchased within 30 days following the start of an academic term. The cost of this coverage is in addition to your own MISHP fee. We strongly encourage all family members who are with you to obtain health coverage. For further details and to purchase this coverage, visit mishp.ca.

If you are going on maternity/paternity leave, you can purchase up to 12 months of coverage for the duration of your leave from your studies. For further details and to do this, please call 204-788-6800.

Newly enrolled international students have emergency-only coverage for one month before their first term at the University of Manitoba.

International students who graduate from a degree program will have their coverage extended for four months after their final term.

How does the health plan work?

MISHP provides you with primary health coverage, which allows you to access medical services in Canada from doctors, clinics and hospitals. Your coverage is valid at any doctor’s office, clinic, or hospital in Manitoba. To find out where to go for the health issue you are experiencing, visit www.wrha.mb.ca/myrightcare or mishp.ca.

This is a different plan than the UMSU Health & Dental Plan. The UMSU Health & Dental Plan is a supplementary plan that covers benefits not provided by the primary health coverage. This includes vision care, dental care, prescription drugs and physiotherapy. For details on what is covered by your supplementary plan, visit http://www.studentcare.ca

Although MISHP and the UMSU Health & Dental Plan are different, Manitoba Blue Cross is the benefits carrier and Studentcare is the administrator for both plans.

How do I get my coverage card?

You need to be registered as a student in order to receive your card. Provided you are registered at UM, your card will be emailed to your student email address after the beginning of the first term in which you are enrolled in the health plan.

For example, students beginning studies in Fall term, and returning students who were not previously covered by MISHP, will receive their card in September. Students beginning studies in Winter term will receive their card in January.

If you are a returning student who already has a MISIP card, you will receive a new card by email at the beginning of the academic year as well. You can continue to use your previous card or replace it with the new version.

You can also download your card from mishp.ca/coverage. Be sure to print and take your card with you, along with photo ID, when you go to a medical appointment, clinic, or hospital.

Do I have to pay up front at the doctor’s office, clinic or hospital?

If you download and take your MISHP coverage card and photo ID with you, you will not need to pay up front. If you do not bring your MISHP coverage card, you will be asked to pay up front. If you are charged for services, keep your receipts and submit a claim form to Manitoba Blue Cross to be reimbursed for eligible expenses. Claim forms are available at mishp.ca.

What does the health plan cover?

Under this plan, you have the same primary health coverage as a Manitoba resident. This means that there are no exclusions for pre-existing medical conditions. This coverage will allow you to visit a doctor, clinic, or hospital for necessary medical tests like x-rays or blood tests. It will also cover you for emergency or routine medical procedures.

There is a lifetime total claim cap of $1 million. In addition, there is a $25,000 drug cap for the first six months a student is enrolled in the plan (or for the first year for any dependants who are enrolled); after the first six months (or the first year for dependants), drug claims are only limited by the lifetime total cap of $1 million. Please note that the initial $25,000 drug cap counts toward the $1 million lifetime maximum.

To learn about everything your plan includes, visit mishp.ca/coverage.

How much does the health plan cost?

The cost of the plan is assessed by term, at point of registration. You will pay it with your tuition fees.

For undergraduate, graduate and English Language Centre program students:

  • In Winter 2020, students will pay $576 for coverage from Jan. 1 – Aug. 31, 2020.
  • In Spring/Summer 2020, newly admitted students (those not enrolled in the Winter Term) will pay $288 for coverage from May 1 – Aug. 31, 2020.

For Extended Education students in one-year programs:

  • Students will pay $864 for one full year of coverage, at the beginning of the first term in which they register.

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