Student Life

Student Life fosters community within the English Language Centre (ELC), the University of Manitoba and Winnipeg communities, by seeking to provide Intensive Academic English Program (IAEP) students with opportunities to interact with and participate within these communities. Our mission is to promote and support learning in IAEP by responding to the social, cultural, and athletic needs of students.

Student Life is led by the Student Life Coordinator and Student Life Leaders.
The Student Life Leaders develop and lead the social, sport, and cultural events and field trips for ELC students. Since the leaders are current UM students in degree programs, IAEP students can interact with their leaders and learn more about Canadians, Canadian culture, and university life.

Student Life offers the following opportunities for IAEP students:

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Field trips are part of the Intensive Academic English Program curriculum and give students an opportunity to practice their English in different settings. Often they are social and informative about some aspect of living in Winnipeg or Manitoba. Students can gain insight into Canadian culture. Attendance is taken during field trips and count towards the attendance policy.

Field trips - Corn Maze

Social activities are offered in the evenings and weekends throughout the term. The Student Life Leaders schedule and promote these social activities. These opportunities are meant for students who are interested in meeting other students, practicing their English, and learning about Winnipeg!

Red River Ex

Weekend or Overnight Trips are special programs that are usually held during midterm break. Trips include staying at Camp Arnes in the summer or fall and a ski trip to Holiday Mountain in the winter.


Workshops are meant to educate IAEP students on a range of topics and issues including: health, wellness, studying at the U of M, career planning or living in Winnipeg. These are offered during class time.


The Language Partner Volunteer Program matches IAEP students with various volunteers from the community who give their time to help students practice their informal listening and speaking skills and learn about Canadian culture. This is an optional program that students must apply to join. Students must meet with their partner for at least 7 hours during the term.

Language Partner Volunteer Program

To read about Heather & Mirian's experience in the Language Partner Volunteer Program, read the article featured in UM Today, August 16, 2016

For more information on Student Life, contact Anastasiia Delikatna, Student Life Coordinator, at or 204-474-6722