Intercultural Leaders

This free program aims to help students enhance their cultural awareness and develop intercultural skills for a variety of settings, both in and out of the classroom.

  • Available to all UM students, the Intercultural Leaders program enhances students’ public speaking, leadership, cultural awareness and communication skills during eight interactive group sessions and workshops.

    All students are encouraged to apply. Co-Curricular Recognition is provided to participants who complete and meet all of the requirements of the program. For more information, contact  

  • Three international students in parkas chat outside in winter.
As a student, I have benefited enormously from the opportunity to learn in detail about different cultures and leadership styles.
Victoria Nwabuisistudent

Welcome Mentors

Moving to a new country to study can bring many uncertainties. That's why the Welcome Mentors program pairs new international students with experienced UM students, allowing both to develop skills and meaningful relationships.

  • In the Welcome Mentors program, mentors provide one-on-one intercultural, personal and academic support to their mentees for one academic term. Mentors complete training to support mentees during their transition to university. Mentors benefit from the program as well, by developing leadership skills and gaining recognition on their Co-Curricular record.

    All domestic and international students are encouraged to apply. For more information, contact

  • An international graduate student chats with a mentor in a UM hallway.
Signing up to be a welcome mentor is one of the most rewarding experiences I have had throughout my education at the University of Manitoba.
Naomi ArmahMaster’s student, College of Nursing

Language Exchange

Learning a language can be intimidating, but a good conversation partner can make it much less daunting!

  • The Language Exchange program connects pairs of students who speak different languages but share similar interests. The partners then meet each week to practice each other’s languages and learn about each other’s cultures in a friendly, relaxed environment.

    Co-Curricular Recognition (CCR) is provided to participants who complete and meet all of the requirements of the program. For more information, contact

  • Two international students sit at a table, chatting and reviewing printed material.
We talked to each other with no pressure—it’s easier to learn the language that way. We were able to spend time together while learning at the same time.
Cesar Gabriel Marzoa MontalvoInternational graduate student
Contact us for more information
To participate in the Intercultural Leaders, Welcome Mentors, or Language Exchange programs, email the International Centre.