Research Groups
Research Groups
(Approved Under CIHR Regional Partnership Program)

Aboriginal Health Research Group
Allergy & Immunology Research Group
Antibiotic Resistance
Brain Disease Research Group
Cardiovascular Sciences Group
Cell Signaling
Centre on Aging Research Group
Community Acquired Infections Research Group
Diabetes Research Group
     DREAM diabetes research in Manitoba
Drug, Development and Disposition (Pharmaceutical Sciences)
Endocrinology and Metabolic Diseases Research Group
Gastroenterology Research Group
Gene Technology Group
Global Public Health Research Group
Health Economics Research Group
Health Equity Action Research Group
Health, Leisure & Human Performance Research Institute
Institute for Biodiagnostics
Lipid, Lipoprotein & Atherosclerosis Research Group
Liver Diseases Research Group
Manitoba Centre for Health Polity
Manitoba Centre Proteomics Systems Biology
Manitoba Group in Protein Structure and Function
Manitoba Institute of Cell Biology
Manitoba Institute of Child Health
Medical Genetics
Medicinal Foods & Bioactives Research Group
Molecular Biology of Breast Cancer
Molecular Genetics & Human Disease Group
Mood & Anxiety Disorder Research Group
Nutrition & Metabolism
Palliative Care Research Group
Psychiatric Neuroimaging Research Group
Rheumatic Diseases Research Group
Resistance & Susceptibility to Infection and Disease
Respiratory Physiology - Sleep
Spinal Cord Research Center