External Electives
Trainees from Other Institutions Coming to the University of Manitoba

The College of Medicine welcomes postgraduate trainees to complete an elective at one of its accredited training programs in the Regional Health Authorities within Manitoba. Applicants must be enrolled in an accredited Postgraduate Medical Education program at another university.  All training completed at the University of Manitoba will be evaluated and credited toward their academic requirements at their home institution.

Prior to entering a WRHA facility, external elective trainees are required to:

  • be licensed with the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Manitoba (CPSM);
  • be registered with the Canadian Medical Protective Association (CMPA);
  • complete their Personal Health Information Act (PHIA) training.

International trainees are required to apply for the appropriate Visitor/Study Visa.

How to apply for an External Elective at the UofM
  1. External Elective trainees must arrange their elective directly with the appropriate Program Assistant/Director 6 months prior to the elective start date.
  2. Once approved by the receiving Program Director the Program Administrator is required to provide the relevant information supporting the elective to PGME Resident Administrator regpgme@umanitoba.ca
  3. Once the information is received and verified the CPGME office Resident Administrator will inform CPSM, with a copy to the trainee, of the approved elective.
  4. Trainees are required to complete the application and submit supporting documentation and payment directly to CPSM 45 days prior to the elective start date.
  5. Once the application has been reviewed and approved, CPSM will notify both the trainee and the CPGME office who will then inform the receiving program and update VENTIS.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If the licensure isn’t confirmed two weeks prior to the start of the elective this will result in cancellation of the elective.

Click HERE for a process map: Applying for a UofM Elective

University of Manitoba Trainees planning an Elective at Another Institution

Trainees are required to have the appropriate:

  • licensure (CPSM equivalent required for accepting program)
  • liability coverage (CMPA does not cover medical electives outside of Canada)
  • immunizations required for the elective destination
  • health insurance for trainees
How to apply for an External Elective at another institution
  1. Obtain written permission from current UofM Program Director
  2. Follow the registration instructions of the destination medical school or institution as well as the regulations of the licensing authority and membership rules of the malpractice insurance carrier.
  3. Sponsored trainees will need written permission from their sponsor to do an elective off site. This letter of permission must be submitted to the UofM PGME office.

Click here for a process map: Applying for an External Elective

Pre-Departure Handbook for University of Manitoba Student Travelling Abroad

Government of Canada Vaccination Recommendations 


Please direct all External Elective Inquiries to:


Contact Information for Program Directors and Assistants