University of Manitoba Graduate Goals



#UMGradGoals is an online guide for University of Manitoba Master’s and PhD students that identifies important academic goals and program milestones that every student should be aware of and aim to achieve so as to ensure success in their academic career.

Who Is It For?

#UMGradGoals is intended to provide all incoming and continuing graduate students with key academic program, funding, and professional development information at the University of Manitoba.

Incoming students should review all of the outlined goals and milestones before beginning their graduate program. Continuing students should revisit and review their goals regularly to make sure they are on track to graduate.

Sharing your #UMGradGoals via the Faculty of Graduate Studies (FGS) website, Facebook page, and Twitter feed helps to inspire current and future students by showcasing the innovative work that University of Manitoba graduate students are doing, and the positive impacts of this work locally, nationally, and internationally. #UMGradGoals also serves to connect graduate students across disciplines to foster a sense of community that provides support to see every individual succeed.

What Are My #UMGradGoals And How Do I Meet Them?

The #UMGradGoals guide is organized into four separate stages that are foundational for every student’s successful graduate school experience. They include:

Info Stage One: Being Prepared and Staying Informed
  Stage Two  Stage Two: Making a Plan and Following Through
  Stage Three  Stage Three: Taking Stock and Assessing Progress
  Stage Four  Stage Four: Completing Your Program and Planning for the Future