REB Human Ethics Fort Garry Campus

The University of Manitoba is committed to protecting the rights and welfare of humans participating in research studies.

All research projects involving humans conducted at, or under the auspices of the University of Manitoba, require prior ethics review and approval by a Research Ethics Board (REB).

There are 5 Research Ethics Boards at the University of Manitoba. Applications to the Education/Nursing, Psychology/Sociology and Joint-Faculty REBs are administered through the Fort Garry Campus Human Ethics Office.  Applications to the Health and Biomedical REBs are administered through the Research Ethics Board Bannatyne office.


HERC membership (pdf) includes the 5 REB Chairs, the Fort Garry Human Ethics Coordinator, the Bannatyne Research Ethics Coordinator, and the Associate Vice President (Research).  HERC meets regularly to facilitate and improve communication between REBs and members of the Research Community. 


Research Ethics Board

There are three Research Ethics Boards (REB) on the Fort Garry campus:
Education/Nursing REB – Education, Nursing, Kinesiology and Recreation Management, Extended Education, Engineering.
Psychology/Sociology REB – Psychology, Sociology, Counselling Service, Social Work, Asper School.
Joint-Faculty REB - Remaining faculties and departments.
Meeting Schedule of REBs and Applicable Deadlines (Fort Garry Campus)

REB Forms and Guidelines (Fort Garry Campus)

Protocols may be submitted for ethics at any time. If the research involves minimal risk and does not require a full board review, the review process can be completed normally within three to five weeks. If, however, the protocol requires full board review, it must be submitted before the submission deadline of the relevant REB.

            REB Forms | REB Guidelines | REB FAQ's

All applications should be sent to the Human Ethics Coordinator:


There are two Research Ethics Boards (REBs) at the Bannatyne Campus:

    •  Biomedical Research Ethics Board (BREB) 
    •  Health Research Ethics Board (HREB)

The BREB reviews all research ethics protocols involving clinical trials and other biomedical research interventions. The HREB reviews research from the Bannatyne campus involving the behavioral sciences, surveys, examinations of medical records and protocols of generally lesser risk.

Members of the Faculties of Medicine, Dentistry, and Pharmacy, the affiliated teaching hospitals, their associated research foundations and the School of Medical Rehabilitation can submit their protocols to the appropriate REB at the Bannatyne campus.

(Note: In addition to the Bannatyne campus protocols, the BREB and HREB will review any protocols that may be referred by the REBs on the Fort Garry Campus.)

REB Submission Requirements and Forms (Bannatyne Campus): Though an online application process is in development, at the present time, applications to Bannatyne REBs can only be submitted in hard copy.

For additional details please refer to the Research Ethics Bannatyne website. 

As of September 1, 2011, researchers applying to a University of Manitoba Research Ethics Board for research involving humans must include a certificate of completion from the Interagency Advisory Panel on Research Ethics (PRE) online tutorial,  TCPS 2: Course on Research Ethics (CORE).


All student researchers must have a faculty supervisor who approves their research, provides supervision and signs their ethical protocol submission form. Students use the same forms, and apply to the same REB as their faculty supervisor.

All Fort Garry applications should be sent to the Human Ethics Coordinator 

Bannatyne Applicants