ECE 4600 Group Design Project 2020-2021

 Frequently Asked Questions

1. How will ECE4600 be delivered in 2020-2021? 

As with all University of Manitoba courses, ECE4600 will commence the tall term without the use of in-person class meetings.  The UMLearn / Webex interface will provide the framework for a number of class meetings.  Much of the course activity occurs within individual teams of students, these groups will be expected to conform to physical distancing requirements while meeting and collaborating.  The precise operational situation for Winter term may not be clear as the course commences. Provision will be made in all course arrangements to enable the course to finish in a remote fashion.

2. Can we have a group of 3 (or 2)?

No. The minimum group size (4) is mandated by the Faculty of Engineering.

3. How do we find a project/advisor?

The Getting Started page has all the information required for the initial stages of identifying a project, team and advisor.

4. I am missing a prerequisite course. Can I be given a waiver to take this course?

Please note that ECE 4600 is intended to occur in your final academic year of study. If you do not expect to complete your degree before the end of 2021 then we do not expect you to undertake this course in 2020/2021. A Prerequisite Waiver Request form is available below. Your waiver application will be dealt with by Dr. Oliver in the Summer of 2020 after the conclusion of the regular registration period.

Pre-requisite Waiver Request Form

5. My colleagues and I are thinking about projects but but nothing is finalized. Should we sort out project out first or find an advisor first?

This is up to you, the process is flexible. If you have ideas about projects, you might find it helpful to discuss these ideas with prospective advisors and/or the course instructors. This may help refine things. If you and your colleagues are having difficulty deciding on which project to pursue, finding an advisor may help you reach a decision.

6. I and my friend are looking for some other students to form a group. What do we do?

Talk to people you know, spread the word. Talk to potential advisors, they may know of another group fragment. We do not expect to resolve all groups until September. Extra time has been added for this process (recognizing that the course will commence in a "remote delivery" mode).