Prospective Graduate Students

If you are looking for an outstanding university education from one of the world's great public universities, consider the University of Manitoba. U of M offers cutting edge facilities, internationally renowned faculty and contemporary curriculum. These pages will provide you with the latest information about this department and answer many of your questions.

The University of Manitoba offers an education on a global scale. Our students and faculty are drawn from around the world. Many of our faculty members are international leaders in their fields. And we benefit from being situated in one of the world's most multicultural cities.

Our University offers a rich array of programs and opportunities for motivated students. As an institution, we have been recognized as one of Canada's top universities and one of North America's best research facilities. University of Manitoba students profit from committed teachers, supportive staff, and state-of-the- art facilities.

Even as we celebrate our tradition of excellence now extending back over 100 years, we are committed to building a strong and bold future. It's a future that we very much hope will include you.

Before you formally apply: please note that you must confirm with a prospectice advisor - Professor that they are willing to offer you a free spot within their research field. This applies to all applicants for M.Sc., M.Eng., and Ph.D programs. Please check Academic Faculty and their profiles.

Please see Faculty of Engineering 5 Steps procedure and our application deadlines.