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Financial Aid & Awards

Each academic year, numerous students in the Faculty of Education receive funding to support their education. Scholarships, bursaries, and awards at the University of Manitoba are administered by Financial Aid and Award Funding is available for education students at all levels, in different years of the programs, and in all program. North American Indigenous Students are encouraged to review important information from Financial Aid and Awards.

Undergraduate Travel Fund | Education graduate awards application | TerminologyApplication Process |  Examples of awards

Undergraduate Travel Fund

Faculty of Education undergraduate students (BEd and PBDE) in good standing and currently registered in the Faculty of Education who are participating in course-related or practicum-related travel are eligible to apply for a $500 award per three-credit-hour course, and up to $1,000 for two three-credit-hour courses in the same academic year, if related to the Northern Practicum. Deadlines for application are Sept. 30, Jan. 30 and April 30 each year. More detailed information is available on the application form.

Education graduate awards application

Each year, applicants will be considered for the following graduate education awards:

  • Manitoba Teachers’ Society Scholarship in Educational Leadership;
  • Betty A. Nicks Fellowship;
  • Delta Kappa Gamma Manitoba Mary E. Lamont Fellowship;
  • Ruthlee Teskey Memorial Fellowship; and
  • Any other applicable award for which the applicant fits the criteria.

Submit completed applications and supplemental documents electronically to the Office of the Associate Dean (Graduate & Research) at: More detailed information is available on the application form. Awards have been allocated for 2018.

Terminology and definitions

Undergraduate programs are defined as the bachelor of after-degree bachelor of education, and the post-baccalaureate diploma in Education (PBDE).

The graduate program includes the master's and post-doctoral programs.

An award or scholarship usually given to a recipient based on academic achievement, but may also involve additional criteria such as community involvement.

A bursary is usually given to a recipient based on demonstrated financial need and satisfactory academic progress.

Entrance awards may involve criteria such as demonstrated financial need; academic achievement; and other selection criteria as requested by the donors.

Medals are primarily given to recipients based academic excellence.

Application process

The application process for University of Manitoba scholarships, awards and bursaries is online and may be accessed through your Aurora Student Portal.

  1. Search for Eligible Awards: Search the Searchable Financial Awards Database to learn what scholarships, awards, and bursaries you are eligible. There are also many other external awards for which you may be eligible. We encourage you to also do a wider search, as many groups and institutions (ie: school divisions, cultural organizations, unions, employers, financial institutions, etc.) offer scholarships or bursaries. Check out the Government of Canada’s Services for Youth and Service Canada website for a list of search databases for scholarships, bursaries, and grants and other helpful information.
  2. Know Your Deadlines: Check the Financial Aid and Awards website for any deadlines.
  3. Apply: Two-step process: Fill out (a) the online application through your Aurora Student Portal, and (b) complete the online supplementary application by the first working day of October.
  4. Assistance: Should you have any questions, we encourage you to consult the Financial Aid and Awards Office.
  5. Accept Offered Awards: Don’t forget to log in and check your Aurora Student Portal to see if you have been offered any scholarships, bursaries, and/or awards. They will be offered, but you have to electronically “accept” them. For more detailed information, please consult the instructions provided by Financial Aid & Awards on accepting awards.


Examples of awards

These are examples of external funding available to education students. This is not an exhaustive list and students are encouraged to independently investigate all of your options. Don’t forget to use the University of Manitoba’s Searchable Awards Database.
The University of Manitoba also has a list of awards requiring applications.

Education Alumni Scholarships: Three annual scholarships of $1,000 each for part- or full-time students continuing a program of studies in the Faculty of Education of The University of Manitoba who has participated in school and community activities and has demonstrated potential as an educational leader and with a minimum DGPA of 3.0. Deadline usually in June of each year.

Rhodes Scholarships
: UM internal deadline usually beginning of October of each year.

RBC Students Leading Change: Deadline usually in November of each year.

Seine River School Division Scholarships
: Deadline is usually in March of each year.

Sheldon Oberman Award from Manitoba Association for Teachers of English (MATE): Deadline usually in October of each year.


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