Research Affiliates
Canada Research Chair in Comparative Cognition (Tier II)
Department of Biological Sciences, University of Manitoba (Cross-Appointment)
Graduate Studies Program in Biomedical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, University of Manitoba (Adjunct Member)

Department/Faculty affiliation
Department of Psychology, Faculty of Arts
Dr. Kelly's Department web page

Department address

P510 Duff Roblin, 190 Dysart Rd
Winnipeg MB  R3T 2N2

Contact information

Phone  (204) 474-9489 
Fax (204) 474-7599

Research interests

  • Spatial cognition
  • Understanding how spatial abilities change across the lifespan of humans and animals
  • Human spatial memory; how people use spatial cues within different environments

Selected Publications

Vernouillet, A., Anderson, J., Clary, D., & Kelly, D.M. (2016).  Inhibition in Clark’s nutcrackers (Nucifraga columbiana): results of a detour-reaching task. Animal Cognition. [in press, e-pub].

Wright, A.A., Magnotti, J.F., Leonard, K., Katz, J.S. & Kelly, D.M. (2016). Concept learning set-size functions for Clark’s nutcrackers. Journal of Experimental Analyses of Behavior. DOI: 10.1002/jeab.174

Magnotti, J.F., Katz,J.S., Wright, A.A. & Kelly, D.M. (2015). Superior abstract-concept learning by Clark’s nutcrackers (Nucifraga columbiana).  Biology Letters, 11,  20150148.

Reichert, J.F. & Kelly, D.M. (2015). How Clark’s nutcrackers (Nucifraga columbiana) weigh geometric cues depends on their previous experience.  Animal Cognition, 18, 953-968. DOI10.1007/s10071-015-0866-0.

Clary, D., Cheys, A. & Kelly, D.M. (2014).  Individual level lateralization in the social corvid, Black-billed magpie (Pica hudsonia) and the non-social, Clark’s nutcracker. Behavioural Processes, 107, 94-98.