Carpool to Campus
Happy students carpooling

What is a Carpool?

A carpool consists of two or more people who regularly arrive on campus together in one vehicle. The carpool program is open to all University of Manitoba students and employees. The university provides a number of carpooling incentives including over 30 preferred-location carpool parking stalls (with more coming soon!).

Carpooling is a simple way for individuals to share their commute with others, save money and reduce their environmental impact. Currently about 14% of people commute to the University of Manitoba by carpool.

Benefits of Carpooling

  • Cut costs
  • Meet new people
  • Alleviate stress from driving
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions

Find Carpool Partners with GoManitoba

GoManitoba offers a free, easy way to find people interested in carpooling to the U of M. This online platform matches you with drivers and/or riders who are looking for someone to share their daily commute with. By ridesharing, you will save money and reduce your impact on the environment! In addition, GoManitoba has a bike, transit and walking matching system to help those who would like some added security or comfort in their daily commute by having a buddy. Sign up today at:

Save on Parking

To share a parking space with a carpool partner and cut your parking costs in half, fill out an application form online [pdf] or visit the Welcome Centre at Fort Garry campus.

Carpool Spaces

Designated carpool stalls are avaiable in U, Q and B on Fort Garry campus. On Bannatyne campus they are available in E lot. These stalls are available for parkers with a valid permit only.