Important updates:

After careful consideration, the University has decided to reinstate parking fees as of September 1, 2020. If you wish to reinstate your staff parking permit, no further action is required. If you do not require parking on campus as of September 1, you may place your staff parking permit on hold for $10.00 per month. This will allow you to hold your parking space in your designated parking lot until you return to campus. 

To review the details on the permit hold process, please review the Staff Permit Hold Form. Should you wish to cancel your parking permit, please complete the Staff Parking Cancellation Form prior to August 28, 2020. If you do not contact us, the regular monthly fee for your parking permit will be deducted by way of direct withdrawal on a monthly basis. 

All parking fees will be deducted on the 11th of each month, unless the 11th falls on a weekend or holiday. If your banking information has changed since March 1, 2020, please ensure you are updating your information with Payroll Services.

For more information please review our FAQ's found below. 

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Q. Why do I have to pay to hold a parking permit?

A. The $10 hold fee will help offset the operational costs of upholding accurate customer records, and ensuring that the space is not sold to another U of M faculty or staff member from the waiting list.

Q. Where can I find my permit number?

A: You may find your permit number by logging in to the Parking Portal and visiting the "View Your Permits" page.

Q. I will occasionally be visiting the campus, what are the parking payment options?

A. If you are opting to put the permit on hold, you cannot park in your usual parking lot. We do have both daily and hourly casual parking available in multiple locations on campus. Visit our casual short-term parking page for rates, locations and campus maps.

Q. How do I reinstate my parking permit after choosing to have my permit on hold?

A. Email with your licence plate and vehicle description information and once we reactivate your permit you will receive a confirmation email.

Q. How do I cancel a parking permit?

A. Fill out our Staff Cancellation Form. All payments will continue until the permit/hold is cancelled.

Q. Do I have to park in my assigned parking lot or can I park in any reserved staff lot?

A. Staff who choose to keep their parking permit active must park in their regularly assigned parking lot. If you would like to be placed on the waitlist for another staff parking lot, please submit a Waitlist Application Form to our office.

Q. I still have questions, who can I talk to?

A. Due to limited hours and staffing, we ask that in-person visits be reserved for urgent matters and all inquires directed to

Staff parking permits explained

To apply for a parking permit, faculty and staff must fill out the Staff Parking Application Form (PDF) and submit it to Parking Services by email, fax or in person at the Welcome Centre (423 University Crescent). 

Parking permits are assigned for specific lots on a "scramble" basis—you will not be assigned to an individual parking stall. If you would prefer to park in a different lot, you can add your name to up to four waitlists by completing the Waitlist Application (PDF).

Staff parking operates through a virtual permit system. Parking privileges are assigned to your parking account and are verified using licence plate recognition software. In other words, your licence plate is your permit. 

In the rare event you cannot find parking in your assigned lot on the Fort Garry campus, you can park in the next closest staff or student lot (excluding D, J, N, V, CTC and all residence student lots) and notify us at 204-474-9483 as soon as possible.

If you have a rental vehicle, or a licence plate that is a temporary addition, you must also notify our office. When contacting us, please provide the licence plate number, employee ID or permit number and an end date for when you will no longer want this temporary plate affiliated with your permit.

From May 1 to August 31, you can park in student lots ACE, I, Q, U and W using your regular staff parking permit, regardless of which lot you are assigned to.

Accessible parking permits

To apply for an accessible parking permit, please submit an application form to Parking Services and provide a valid permit from the Society for Manitobans with Disabilities (SMD). Accessible permits are not assigned to a specific lot, but can be used in any accessible stall on campus.

Accessible Parking Application (PDF)

Bannatyne Evening & Weekend Permits

Visit the Short-term Parking Page for information.

Motorcycle and moped parking

Motorcycles, motor scooters, and mopeds are considered to be motor vehicles and require parking permits, which are available on a monthly basis.

Motorcycle parking application (PDF)


Parking permits are assigned per calendar month, and rates are the same at Fort Garry and Bannatyne campuses.

Faculty: $53.01 per month

Staff: $75.00 per month

Weekend, holiday and evening parking (after 4:30 pm), with the exception of IG Field event days, is free in most lots except for N lot, the University Parkade and other locations as marked.

On Bannatyne campus, visit the Health Sciences Bookstore to pick up a free evening and weekend permit for E lot.

Reciprocal parking

If you have a staff parking permit, but need to attend a meeting on a different campus, follow these instructions for short term parking access.

Bannatyne employees parking at Fort Garry campus

If you have a Bannatyne campus parking permit and need to visit the Fort Garry campus for business purposes, you can park in B, E, I, Q, U or W lot.

Fort Garry campus parking map (PDF)

Fort Garry employee parking at Bannatyne campus

There is very limited reciprocal parking available at the Bannatyne campus for Fort Garry campus employee. Permits are available on a first-come-first-served basis for up to four hours at a time.

If you work consistent shifts at Bannatyne campus, or have dual appointments, you are not eligible for reciprocal parking. You must pay for your parking while at Bannatyne campus and you may arrange to be reimbursed by your department. 

To access reciprocal parking for up to four hours, please contact us no more than five business days in advance to request a permit. If a reciprocal permit is available, you can park in E lot for up to four hours.

Alternatively, short-term metered parking is available in H lot.

Bannatyne campus parking map (PDF)

Managing your account

You can link up to four licence plates to your parking permit, but only one vehicle per permit can be in your assigned lot at any given time. To add a vehicle to your permit, please log in to the parking portal. To add your name to waitlists for up to four lots, complete and submit the Waitlist Application (PDF).

To cancel your parking pass, fill out Staff Parking Cancellation Form (PDF). Your permit will be valid until the end of the month in which your cancellation is received.

Managing your permit while on leave

If you will be away from the University on an authorized leave for more than one month (excluding vacation), you do not necessarily have to give up your lot assignment. For information on parking options while on a University authorized leave, please consult the Staff Parking Permit Leave Guidelines (PDF).

IG Field event day parking

The following regulations are in effect on days when the estimated crowd for an event at IG Field is expected to exceed 15,000 people. This includes all Winnipeg Blue Bombers games and other events as listed, but does not include Valour FC matches.

All parking lots are to be vacated a minimum of 90 minutes prior to the start of an event at IG Field listed below, except A, B, staff section of D, CTC, and AC lots. In these lots, only permit holders will be allowed to remain and all others must vacate. Violators will be subject to a $50 fine and/or have their vehicle towed.

Parking, a minimum of 90 minutes prior and during events, will be available for UM parking permit holders on a first-come-first-served basis in the following lots: A, B, staff section of D, CTC, ACW and AC lots. The University Parkade, N, AC, ACW and ALC lots will be available for casual parking at the regular posted rate (see parking meters for details) during events at IG Field.

2020 IG Field events - There are no events currently scheduled for IG Field.

There are no events currently scheduled for IG Field.

Arranging parking for invited guests

If you are hosting visitors to campus, you have a few options for providing them with parking access. To purchase temporary visitor permits or parkade value cards, please fill out a bulk permit request form (PDF) and submit it to Parking Services.

If you are organizing a conference or special event on campus, please get in touch with us to discuss parking arrangements, and ensure any off-campus participants are aware of their options.

In special circumstances, you can have parking meters hooded and reserved for an event at an additional cost. Please contact us for further details.

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