Frequently Asked Questions

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Where are you located? What are your hours?
We are located inside the Welcome Centre at the Fort Garry Campus. Visit our Contact Us Page for our hours and location.
It is advisable to bring a valid photo I.D. 
» Staff I.D. card
» Student I.D. card
» Driver's Licence

I am visiting the Campus, where can I park? 
Visit our
Visitor/Casual Parking page for information on where to park.

Where can I park for free?
There is no free parking on campus during the day between 7:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.

After 4:30 p.m. on weekdays, weekends and statutory holidays, free parking is available in most staff, student, meter and Pay & Park Lots. This does not include 24-hour reserved areas, restricted areas, "N" Lot (evenings, weekends and holidays) and the University Parkade.

Are there Electric Vehicle charging stations on campus?
Yes, there are two charging stations. One is located in B Lot and the other in ALC, which are reserved for Electric Vehicles only. Vehicles must be actively charging while parked in these stalls and must have a valid payment or permit for the time or lot they are parked.

How do I make parking arrangements for a special event?

Email Richard Bell with your event details.

I've been contracted to do construction work on campus.  Where can I park?
Visit our Contractor Parking Page for more information.

How do you determine the cost for parking?
Parking Services is an ancillary service and as such is required to be a self-supporting operation. This means that all operating and capital costs (i.e. snow removal, hydro, Security Services, construction, etc.) must be offset by revenues. The University is mandated to be reliant on generated revenue only. As a result, it is necessary to charge an economical fee to balance the budget and maintain the operation while continuing to work on upgrades to address the community’s needs with such improvements as surveillance cameras, parking lot upgrades, new parking areas, lighting and many other services.

How safe is the campus at night to walk to my vehicle? 
The campus is very safe.  However,
University Security Services Website has many public safety programs and features in place for your added security, including:
» Code Blue Stations for emergency response
» Emergency Call Buttons
» Red Phone Call Stations
» Strategically placed outdoor lighting
» closed-circuit security cameras
» More information on these and other programs available at University Security Services Website.

What do I do if I need to unload something and need to park close to a building?
There are numerous 10 and 15 minute loading zones located throughout campus. Signage at each lot will indicate maximum loading time allowed. If you require extra time, you must attend Parking Services and inquire about purchasing a loading zone permit.
Map of loading zone locations.

When do you turn on the power to the electrical plugs in the parking lots?
As a general rule, we do not supply power to the plugs in our parking lots until the temperature falls below -10º C during the day.

What does the information on my Permit Notification mean?
Permit notifications will automatically be system generated for accounts that have had a permit sold to them. The permit notification will be emailed if an email address has been provided, otherwise it will be sent out by regular mail.
Permit Number
- The assigned permit number. You will use this number when you need to update Parking Services with any changes to the permit.
Permit Description - Description of
which type of permit was approved.
Effective Date - The effective date will vary based on the permit type:

  » Month to month permit and visitor or temporary permit - The effective date is the date you may start parking.
  » Annual permit - The effective date is the date the permit renewal would normally start and not the date you purchased it.
Expiry Date
- The expiry date will also vary based on the type of permit:

Month to month permit - The expiry date is the last day of the month that you started parking and the permit will continue to renew on a monthly basis as long as payments are received or until the permit is cancelled.
Visitor permit or Casual - This expiry date is the date the permit will no longer be active.
Annual permit - The expiry date for an annual permit is when the permit will expire and is also when you will have to reapply by if you wish to obtain another permit.
Facility/Location - The location is where the virtual permit is valid. If you are parked outside of this location, the registered vehicle would not be covered by the permit.
Licence Plate - The licence plate listed on the approved application is what is linked to your permit. The plate is what enforcement officers will use to verify there is a valid permit in our system.


How do I add or remove a vehicle from my parking account?
To add or remove a vehicle, fill out the required
Licence Plate Form and submit it to Parking Services.
You may also log in to the Parking Account Portal to add or remove vehicles/licence plates currently linked to your permit.
If it is a temporary change you may call Parking Services at 204-474-9483. Please display the permit in the vehicle you are parking on Campus.

What is the difference between "adding a vehicle" to a permit vs. "setting up a carpool"?
Adding a vehicle to a permit - permit holders who would like to have a new vehicle linked to their permit can use the Parking Portal by logging in with their UMnetID and password. The permit owner will be responsible for all vehicles linked to their permit. Only the permit owner may request temporary permits from the Welcome Centre.
Setting up a carpool - permit holders who would like to participate in a carpool are required to submit a completed Carpool/Alternate Vehicle Form. The form must be completed by the permit owner and will allow others participating in the carpool to use the permit as well as to request a temporary permit from the Welcome Centre, should the permit not be in their possession when they arrive on campus. Carpool requests cannot be set up through the Parking Portal.

How many vehicles can I have associated with my permit?
A minimum of one to a maximum of four vehicles can be associated to a permit. If the permit is already associated with four vehicles, additional vehicles will not be linked to the permit.

How much is a parking permit? 

Visit our Parking Rates Page for information on current rates.

What is my stall number?
Parking in all lots is based on a first-come first-served scramble system within the assigned lot. We do not assign specific stalls.

How do I cancel a parking permit?
Prepaid Parking permits are pro-rated and refunds (if applicable) may be available when the permit is returned by the permit owner.

» Student permit cancellation information and cancel form
» Staff permit cancellation information and cancel form

I forgot my permit. What do I do?
Please visit Parking Services for a temporary permit. Parking Services will provide up to three temporary permits in a 12-month period at no charge. A $5.00 fee will be charged for each additional temporary permit. Please note that only University of Manitoba permits are recognized for parking; notes - handwritten or otherwise - are not valid permit replacements.

How do I replace a damaged or lost permit or decal?
If you need to have your permit replaced, visit Parking Services in person at the Welcome Centre.

What do I do if my permit was stolen?
Report your stolen permit to
Parking Services and pick up a no-cost temporary permit. This permit will be valid for ten days from date of issue. If the stolen permit has not been recovered within that time, a new permit will be issued to you at the current replacement fee. A Police Report number will be required to waive the permit replacement cost if the permit was stolen.

Can I sell my permit?

Parking permits are the property of the University of Manitoba and as such must be returned to Parking Services when no longer required. Permits cannot be resold or transferred.

What do I do if I have a permit, my car is in for repairs and I have to bring another vehicle on campus for a couple of days?
If you are unable to display your permit, please visit Parking Services for a temporary permit. Please note that only University of Manitoba permits are recognized for parking; notes - handwritten or otherwise - are not valid permit replacements.

If you are able to display your permit, contact the
Parking Services prior to parking, to report the licence plate of the temporary vehicle.

What if all the accessible spaces are taken and I have an SMD permit?
If there are no accessible parking spaces available when you arrive, you may park in any available space in Staff or Student reserved lots, with the exception of Resident Student Lots, the University Parkade, St. John's and St. Paul's loops. Parking in "N" lot with an accessible permit is restricted to accessible stalls only. If those stalls are full, you must go to a different reserved lot.


Do I qualify for a parking permit?
In order to purchase a parking permit, you:
» must have a U of M student number;
» must have a PIN; and
» cannot be on hold with any departments at the University or have outstanding parking violations.

When does my permit expire?
Student permits expire on April 30 each year.

How do I apply for an Accessible Permit?
Visit us at the Welcome Centre (423 University Crescent). You will be required to complete a University of Manitoba Accessible Parking Application Form and provide your valid SMD Permit.

My parking lot is full and I can't find a spot. What should I do?
If your lot is full please park in Lot Q or U and notify the Parking Services Office at 204-474-9483 as soon as possible.


How do I apply for a parking permit?
New staff can access the Staff Parking Permit Application Form and Direct Withdrawal Authorization Form through the
Staff Parking Page. Once completed, the forms are to be submitted to Parking Services.

As an employee, how do I pay for parking?
The staff parking fee is payable only through direct debit withdrawal from the bank account the employee's salary is deposited. Payments are spread out over 12 months, with the debit payment occurring on the 11th day of each month or the following business day. Parking Services does not collect any personal banking information, as this information is already on file with Financial Services. 

External staff pre-pay for the permit for the year.

Is there a waitlist?  How do I get on it?
High demand lots will have a waitlist, to add your name to a waitlist please use our
Waitlist e-form.

How do I apply for an Accessible Permit?

Visit us at the Welcome Centre (423 University Crescent). You will be required to complete a University of Manitoba Accessible Parking Application Form and provide your valid SMD Permit.

What happens if I miss a permit fee payment?

If you have insufficient funds in your bank account when the direct debit withdrawal is processed, an administrative fee will apply. Suspension or cancellation of your assigned parking permit may apply for non-payment of the direct debit withdrawal amount and/or the returned payment fee.

When does my permit expire?

Staff permits do not expire until canceled by permit holder.

External Staff permits expire August 31.

I can't find a spot in my assigned parking lot.  What should I do?
If this rare circumstance should occur, you can park in the next closest staff or student lot (excluding D, N, O, V, CTC and all Residence Student Parking Lots) and notify the Parking Services Office at 204-474-9483 as soon as possible.

What are my parking options if I have business at the other campus?

Bannatyne and Fort Garry Permit Holders requiring to attend the other campus for business-related purposes have the privilege of Reciprocal Parking. Space is limited and reciprocal parking should be arranged in advance.


What is a Virtual Permit?
A virtual permit is a permit that is associated with a vehicles licence plate rather than a physical hangtag. The campus is monitored through cameras attached to Parking Services' vehicles that can scan all licence plates and compares them to our permit database to verify if that vehicle is authorized to park in that location.

What are the benefits of virtual permits?
Electronic virtual permits will offer the following advantages:
 - Customers will no longer have to worry about moving their permits between vehicles;
 - No lost or stolen permits;
 - Lower costs;
 - Permits will not be blocked from view due to weather or human error;
 - Cancellations may be done electronically as there is no hangtag to return; and
 - Permits may be effective for a future date and will not require the customer to come back to obtain the hangtag

Why didn't I get anything notifying me of the change to virtual permit?
Notices were sent via email to current permit holders. If you did not receive an email and have checked your Inbox and Junk folders, please verify your contact information and virtual permit information on file by logging into your online parking account using your UMNetID.


What are my options if I am going on a temporary leave and will require my parking permit once I return to work?

You can either:

a)      Retain the permit and continue to pay for the permit on a monthly basis. If payments continue, Parking Services will not cancel the permit.

b)     Cancel the parking permit. When you return, your name will be placed near the top of the waitlist for the original lot. Immediate parking will be assigned in the direct entry lot or any other lot where space is available if the previous lot is unavailable.*

* Bannatyne campus is waitlisted and has no direct entry upon return. Preferential waitlist rules as stated above, will apply, with the exception of being provided direct entry upon return. Please note exception: UMFA members at Bannatyne, as a provision of their Collective Agreement, will be provided immediate entry into a Bannatyne lot upon their return. (Subject to change per UMFA Collective Agreement)

How long can I continue to pay for my permit while on leave?

As long as your banking information
doesn’t change and you are still an employee of the U of M you may continue to pay for your permit during the leave.

Do I need to fill out a form if I choose to retain my permit during my leave?

No, Parking Services will continue with direct withdrawals from the information on file. If your banking information changes while on leave, you must update with Human Resources or your payment will not go through and NSF charges will apply.

What are my options if I am not returning after my leave?

a)      If you chose to retain the permit and continue your monthly payments, you must return the permit to Parking Services along with a Cancel Form to stop payments.

b)     If you chose to cancel the permit and be placed on a waitlist upon your return, Parking Services will remove your name from the list.

What happens to my permit if I don’t notify Parking Services of my leave?

If you don’t cancel your permit, you will continue to be charged on a monthly basis. Parking Services does not refund monthly parking for those who fail to cancel their permit during their leave.


What are some common reasons for getting a parking ticket?
Visit our Parking Violations Explained Page for more information.

How do I pay for my parking violation?

You may pay the violation securely online. You may also pay by cheque or money order, payable to the University of Manitoba by mail.

Can I appeal my parking violation?

If you wish to appeal a parking violation and outline extenuating circumstances, review the appeal information found on our Pay a Citation Page.


Is there a campus bus? When does it run?
The Shuttle Bus is a free service that the University of Manitoba provides to its staff and students from September 1 until the end of April on the Fort Garry campus. There are two shuttle bus routes/ services:
» Fort Garry Express Shuttle
» Fort Garry Campus Shuttle
Visit the
Shuttle Bus Services Page for route maps, schedules, and other information.

I have accessible/special needs.  Can I take the Shuttle Bus? 
Yes, the shuttle bus can accommodate persons with mobility challenges.

Who do I contact if I have any questions or concerns about the Shuttle Bus?
Please contact Parking Services at 204-474-9483 or visit us at the Welcome Centre.

What happens if a bus is late or isn't there?
Follow us on twitter @uofmparking for real time updates on the shuttle bus status and other parking & transportation updates.

Can I take the Shuttle Bus during the summer?
Currently, the shuttle bus only operates during the academic year from September through April inclusive. There are no shuttle bus services during the summer months.