Smartpark Event Centre

Smartpark Event Centre

Located at 100-One Research Road Smartpark, adjacent to both the University of Manitoba’s Fort Garry campus and the Investors Group Field. The third floor is home to the U of M’s Campus Planning and Smartpark Offices.

The main floor meeting space accommodates 50 people providing the user with:

  • A touch panel control located at the front of each room that controls all function of the A/V system, including power on/off, volume, screen up/down; switches between input sources such as installed computer and laptop.
  • A dedicated computer with a wireless keyboard and mouse; an input plate is also located at the front of each room for laptop hookup.
  • A DVD/VCR unit is located within the audio visual rack located at the back of each room.
  • Six ceiling speakers offer wider coverage; two wireless microphones – one handheld and one clip on lavalier – are available.
  • A 5500 lumen WXGA (1280"x800") data projector can be used to display images onto an 87"x139" electric screen.
  • Wi-Fi wireless internet services on-site by University of Manitoba and an external provider

Casual parking is available in the adjacent parking lot at One Research Road.

Please take a look at the meeting room guidelines.

To book a meeting space, please contact:
Anna Kowalski
Campus Planning Office
Phone: 204-474-7818

For more information about Smartpark and set-up, please contact:
Larry Paskaruk
Director, Property Development and Management, Smartpark
Phone: 204-474-9720