Radiation Safety Manual

(updated November 23, 2016)

There are two versions of the Radiation Safety Manual:

BOTH versions below include the full text of the Radiation Safety Policy and the Radiation Safety Procedure.

 - Effective September 14, 2016 the University updated the Radiation Safety Policy and Procedure.

 - Since the entire manual is being revised, the updated versions will only be provided as links to the University Governance website. 

 - A hardcopy update (with the links) has been distributed to all Permit Holders to replace the outdated version of in the paper copies of the manuals.

RADIOISOTOPE/RADIOACTIVE MATERIALS version:  Here is the latest version of the Radiation Safety Manual with updates up to October 27, 2015.  The newly revised versions of these RSPs are in the right column. 

Quick link for Entrance Procedures for Ancillary Staff - RSP-810 .

The Radionuclide Information Booklet (Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission) provides detailed regulatory and technical information for individual radioisotopes ('radionuclides').  The latest link to this booklet is:  Radionuclide Information Booklet September 2016

X-RAY EQUIPMENT version:  Here is the latest version of the Radiation Safety Manual - X-ray Equipment to faciliate the creation of Internal X-ray Permit process limited to X-ray Equipment used for research.  Some of the RSPs were a part of the Radioisotope Version and are dated as far back as 2005.  The latest (and first) to this version update RSP-100 and 110.   More RSPs will be added as the Internal X-ray permit program evolves.

To print older revised individual RSPs, click here.

Contact us at radsafe@umanitoba.ca or the Radiation Safety Coordinator at 204 789-3613; or the Radiation Safety Specialist at 204 789-3654; or the Laboratory Safety Technician at 204 789-3359.