Biosafety Manual

The Biosafety Manual is comprised of a main document, the Biosafety Guide, and a set of accompanying Appendices.  Together these documents are a guide to describe U of M requirements for work with biological agents and assist biosafety permit holders with their local risk assessments and regulatory compliance.

U of M Biosafety Guide (2012)

The U of M Biosafety Guide (2012) is currently under revision to reflect the new Canadian Biosafety Standards and Guidelines (CBSG).  In July 2013 the CBSG replaced the PHAC 'Laboratory Biosafety Guidelines' and CFIA 'Containment Standards for Veterinary Facilities' (for terresterial animal pathogens only).  In the interim, for information related to human and terrresterial animal pathogens, please refer to the the CBSG  anywhere these documents are referenced in the 2012 U of M Biosafety Guide

Biosafety Guide Appendices