Registration Time Status
Full Time and Part Time Study

Full-time and Part time status is determined by your credit load in each term of study. For most purposes, 60% of the normal full load of courses for your program is considered to be full time.
For example, if your program normally requires 30 credit hours each year (Regular Session), the normal full load is 15 credit hours each term. 60% of the full load is 9 credit hours each term.

Credit hour requirements sometimes vary by the year in the program. For example, Year 1 & 2 may consist of 30 credit hours, while 33 credit hours are required in Year 3. In these cases, the credit hours used to determine the full time credit hour load (60%) is normally the lower number of credit hours. In the example above, the full time requirement would be 60% of 15 cr hrs (30 cr hrs / 2).

Important Notes:

  • Some programs require full time study. In some cases this means students must register in and complete a full load of courses in each term of study. Others, may require 80% of a full load of courses.
  • Scholarship recipients must check with the terms of their scholarship to determine the credit load required in each term of study.
  • Student Aid recipients and sponsored student must meet the requirements of the source of funding, provincial or federal government, or agency.