Distance and online courses

Syllabus: Contact the Academic Advisor for the course’s home faculty for more information, and for recent course syllabi.

Required Materials: Visit the UM Book Store or contact at 204-474-7961 (toll free 1-888-216-7011, ext. 7961) to confirm and/or order course materials.

Technical Requirements: Your course (online or blended delivery) is offered through UM Learn and employs a number of different technologies that require a modern computer and internet access. Verify that you can meet these technical requirements prior to course registration. A complete list of technical requirements is located on the Technical Requirements page.

Final Exams: Proctored and in-person final paper exams are scheduled for many online courses. For more information about final exams please visit the Final Exams and Grades page.

How to elect to write an exam off-campus:

  • Students electing to write their exam off-campus must complete the Exam Location Declaration Tool located within the Exam Location Management Widget of your UMLearn course.  Your location must be declared for each online course.
  • The Exam Location Declaration Tool will be available within your UMLearn course from the start of the term until the application deadline.  Late declarations will not be accepted.
  • Questions: Please contact examsoffcampus@umanitoba.ca.

 Application deadlines:

  • Summer Courses:  Friday May 24,  2019
    *late applications will not be accepted

Off-Campus Exam Dates:

The date of your off campus exam may differ from the date listed in Student Aurora.  All off campus exam dates, once declared and scheduled, will be listed in your exam location management widget within your UM Learn course.

Students must remain available until all examination and test obligations have been fulfilled. Once scheduled, that date is final.

Please note information regarding Deferred and Missed Exams.

Updated April 8, 2019