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Health and wellness encompass many aspects of an individual’s life and includes different dimensions, all of which connect and interact in intricate ways to affect quality of life. Students often juggle multiple demands and we recognize that it can be difficult to balance these dimensions. Strive for balance but remember that perfect balance is not attainable. Make time to enjoy your activities and spend time with your family and friends.

Wellness isn’t necessarily about what is healthy vs. what is unhealthy; it is about enabling people to take control of their own health and make their own decisions. Wellness is judgement free and avoids the use of labels wherever possible.

This page has been designed to benefit all students who desire to seek out useful information and to enhance their holistic well-being.

Body Project – University of Manitoba

Body Project – University of Manitoba
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Binge and excessive drinking can harm young adults and it's risky no matter your age.

The Manitoba Liquor and Lotteries Be UnDrunk program encourages young adults who drink to follow some guidelines about how often and how much they drink on any one occasion.

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Mental Health Week Kick Off! Stomp Out Stigma Chalk Campaign

Mental Health Week Kick Off! Stomp Out Stigma Chalk Campaign

Monday May 5th is the kick off to Canadian Mental Health Week and the Health and Wellness Program partnered with the Active Minds Student Group to put on the "Stomp Out Stigma" chalk campaign!

Students volunteered to chalk positive, supportive, mental health messages all around University Centre. Although it was grey outside, the colourful and creative messages brightened the day right up! There was also a Not Myself Today booth set up that many staff and students stopped by to pick up a mood button.

For more information on the days events and the new Mental Health strategy visit:

Body Project – University of Manitoba

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