Returning, Re-admission, or Continuing Students

Any student who meets the following criteria must re-apply to the University of Manitoba;

  • Students who were admitted and did not follow through with registration.
  • Student who voluntarily withdrew from programs other than Agriculture and Food Sciences, Arts, Human Ecology or University 1
  • Former students who have attended other institutions since their last registration other than on a letter of permission
  • Students in programs who have exceeded the time period allowed for non-attendance

Continuing Students
Students who are currently in University 1 or General Studies can apply directly to their program of choice after they have completed 24-30 credit hours and the appropriate prerequisites. The Faculty of Arts and the Faculty of Science do not require an application from University 1, but students must meet specific entrance conditions prior to being able to transit to either faculty.

Transferring Faculties
Students who would like to change to a different faculty or school at the U of M must submit the appropriate Faculty/School Application Form.