Developing your co-curricular record

Like a transcript, but existing as a separate document, the CCR is a clear statement of a student's involvement in activities that support holistic development. There are over 100 university-approved programs that qualify for co-curricular recognition, divided into six areas of development:

  • Awards
  • Foundational skill development
  • Governance
  • Leadership
  • Service-learning
  • Volunteerism and participation


This category recognizes students who have received an award for University activities outside of the classroom, such as the Emerging Leader Award and the Bison Sports Award.


Students in a leadership role show initiative, have the ability to make decisions, are responsible for organizing and coordinating events or programs, and may have others under their direction. Many UMSU student group executive positions qualify for CCR leadership recognition.

Service learning

Community Engaged Learning programs involve students in an intentional and reflective learning experience in collaboration with a community partner through pre-departure training, guided reflections, and post-program debriefs.

Volunteerism and participation

This category provides recognition to students whose main role is to provide a service or support, or fill a need within an organization or program. This could involve participation with the School of Art Gallery, UM Cycle, musical ensembles and more.

The programs listed here are only a small selection of the opportunities that qualify for co-curricular recognition. Connect with the Student Life office to find out if the programs you're involved in are CCR approved.

Developing your co-curricular record throughout your time at UM can be a great way to build the skills and gain the experiences that employers look for when hiring new employees. When you're building your resume and preparing for interviews, be sure to consult your CCR, as it contains a detailed record of your experiences. 

For more information on how to use your CCR when looking for a job, get in touch with UM Career Services.

Facilitating a CCR program

Register or renew a CCR program

The CCR application process is for activities that have not already been approved by the CCR Review Committee. Once approved, activities are recognized as official UM co-curricular activities for three years, at which point, they must be reviewed by the committee again.

The CCR application for the Summer application period is now available as a two-step process:

  1. Complete the positions descriptions template for every single position you are seeking recognition for under the appropriate tab (Awards, Foundational Skill Development, Governance, Leadership, Service Learning, Volunteerism & Participation).
  2. Complete the application form and attach the positions descriptions in the appropriate portion.

Upon submitting your application, you may be contacted with initial feedback that provides suggestions on how to enhance your application before it reaches the CCR Review Committee. 

If you have any questions, please contact us at

CCR Application Submission Deadline: Thursday, August 20, 2020 (11:59 PM)

CCR Experience Import

To provide students with recognition, you will be required to fill out what is called an “experience import.”  Follow these guidelines to fill in the template:

  • Column C: Provide the student's UofM student email address. This includes
  • Column D: Provide a title to the notation the student is receiving.  Examples include “President”, “Executive Member”, “Orientation Volunteer”, etc.
  • Column E: Provide a description of the students’ role(s).  The ideal description would be written in a complete paragraph of 3-8 sentences.  Please be extra careful to not have any errors in spelling and grammar and please do not use bullet points or unnecessary paragraph breaks.  The description appears directly on the CCR.
  • Column G and H: Enter the start and end date of the students’ participation using the following format, MM/DD/YYYY.
  • Column I: (Optional and only available for the category of Volunteerism and Participation):  Enter the amount of hours the student invested in the activity.  Please provide this information in the following format, H:MM (Hours:Minutes).
  • Column K: Organization Name.
  • Column N, O, and Q:  Please provide your own name, title, and email.

Once complete, submit the completed template to for inclusion in the student's co-curricular record.

Experience Import Submission Deadline: Friday, July 31st, 2020.

CCR Stamp of approval

The CCR stamp of approval is available to staff and students to be used on promotional pieces. The CCR stamp quickly tells students that the promoted activity is a recognized and approved CCR activity and that participation with the activity will be reflected on a student's official CCR.

Please note that the CCR stamp of approval must adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Only permitted on promotional material of activities that have been approved by the CCR Review Committee
  • Stamp should be no smaller than 1 inch in diameter (including white release)
  • Stamp cannot be altered in any way aside from its size as outlined above (includes no overlay on the stamp)
  • Stamp should not be rotated further than 75 degrees

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