Reserve Guidelines for Instructors

The University of Manitoba Libraries maintains Reserve Collections in each unit library.  The purpose of the Reserve Collection is to maintain course-related materials expected to be in high demand for a specified period, and to provide equitable access to those materials.   Materials include resources from the Libraries’ holdings and resources provided by the instructor. Reference and other non-circulating materials are not normally placed on Reserve.

Librarians may also occasionally place high demand materials on Reserve.

Instructors may submit their own materials (e.g. books, articles) to be added to Reserve.  Materials remain the property of the person submitting them.  The Libraries assumes no responsibility for loss of or damage to any such materials, although care will be taken to protect them.

The Libraries does not accept paper copies made from UML electronic resources to be placed on reserve.  Liaison Librarians can provide instruction on finding electronic resources or library staff can create a persistent url to the required item for use in UMLearn. 

Reserve materials are shelved in the Reserve collection of the same library in which they are usually located.  All copies of each title available in the unit library will be placed on Reserve.  Materials from one UM library may be placed on reserve in another UM library with the permission of the Heads of the libraries involved.   Université de Saint-Boniface Library will provide a copy from its collection for Reserve purposes at UML on a case-by-case basis. 

Completing the Reserve Form

Instructors must complete and sign a (or click Accept) Reserve Request Form in order to have materials added to the Reserve collection.  If placing material on Reserve in more than one library, a form must be completed for each library.  Items should be listed in the same format as cited on the course reading list.  Illegible or incomplete forms may delay processing. 

Paper forms are available in each unit library.   The instructor will be informed of any anomalies or questions regarding their reserve request. 

Requests placed through the online reserve request form will be sent by email to the selected library and copied to the instructor’s email address as confirmation.  If the instructor is placing their own material on reserve the completed online form may be printed and sent along with the material to be placed on reserve.  After the online request is processed an email reply will be sent to the instructor indicating the status of each item. 

To ensure that current and relevant reserve lists are maintained, whenever necessary, the library will ask that a new Reserve Request form (print or online) be completed.


It is the responsibility of the instructor to ensure that all material provided to be placed on Reserve complies with the provisions of the Canadian Copyright Act.  Submitting a completed reserve request form is an acknowledgement from the instructor that the material complies with the Canadian Copyright Act.  Instructors should consult the Fair Dealing Guidelines or seek assistance through the University’s Copyright Solutions service. 

Processing Reserve Requests

Five working days will be required for processing Reserve Requests.  Requests will be processed in the order received. 

Instructors are normally expected to supply packaging and labeling as necessary for the proper storage and control of reserve materials.  It is the instructor’s responsibility to provide a complete bibliographic citation with each copy of an article, excerpt, etc.

Loan periods may vary between libraries.  If items are required for several courses, loan periods may be changed to the shortest loan period requested.  Instructors will be notified. 

Libraries may limit the number of items on Reserve for each course. 

Instructors should contact their Liaison Librarian about any materials or requirements which fall outside these guidelines. 

In consultation with the instructor, librarians may remove materials from Reserve due to low usage or other special circumstances. 

At the End of the Term of Reserve

Materials will be removed from Reserve at the end of the Term of Reserve.  Personal materials (including copies) will be returned to the instructor.


Updated February 11, 2016.