About the Asper PhD Program
The Ph.D. program is central to the mission of the Asper School of Business at the University of Manitoba. Our commitment to the program since its inception in 1990 has remained strong and will continue as we foresee the need for Canadian-trained academics increasing in the future. The AACSB accredited program has already fulfilled the expectations of students and faculty and continues to attract highly qualified individuals who are interested in developing their research and teaching skills. Although small by most standards, the program is able to provide close and continuous contact between students and faculty. Students are mentored, not only in their research program but also in the development of teaching skills. Students successfully completing the program have proven that they have the abilities necessary for competitive job placement in respected universities.

What makes the Ph.D. program unique? 

Our program is small...
Only a small number of students are admitted each year. The size is intentionally limited to foster students' development through intense and close interaction with the faculty. This close interaction with the faculty should provide you with the opportunity to learn exciting research methods and theories.

It has a research focus...
Throughout their doctoral studies, students are engaged in research apprenticeships with the faculty. Students are assured of working with faculty members on several projects during their program and are required to spend a specific number of hours per week working for a faculty member during the term and also in the summer. In this way, students are assured of receiving hands-on experience with the research process. It is expected that students will publish some conference papers and/or journal articles during their programs. Travelling to conferences and presenting research is a great way to meet other researchers in your field and gain exposure for your work.

It also has a teaching focus...
Because the program is designed for individuals who wish to pursue an academic career, a teaching practicum is required to help you develop your teaching skills.

We have committed faculty...
Students receive guidance from scholars who have a demonstrated commitment to excellence in research, publication, and teaching.

Varied opportunities for financial support...
There are a number of methods of funding your program. Some of our students receive funding through the School, while others are funded by stipends, faculty research grants, University fellowships, and national research grants. In their senior years, a number of students secure paid teaching posts as sessional instructors.Finally, self-funding models are also entertained. 

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