How Do I Apply?
There are 2 ways to apply to the MD/PhD or MD/MSc program. Students can either apply to the program if:

A) they are admitted medical students who want to pursue graduate studies before third year of medicine
B) they are current graduate students who have been accepted into
medical school.

Students wishing to apply should contact the Advanced Degrees in Medicine Program Director early in the process. Acceptance will minimally require:

1) identification of a supervisor

2) interview with the Program Admissions and Advisory Committee (PAAC) and their recommendation for acceptance, and

3) acceptance by the Faculty of Graduate Studies.


Attached is the LINK that is a detailed overview of the timelines for the program if a student enters medical school and then pursues their graduate training or if they get accepted into medical school after starting their graduate degree.

Acceptance requirements for MD/ PhD or MD/MSc students:

1.  Identification of a supervisor who(se):

  • Is within  a department at the University of Manitoba which has an approved PhD or MSc program
  • Has adequate resources for the proposed program of study and,
  • department recommends acceptance,

2.    Assessment by the Program Admissions and Advisory Committee and their recommendation for acceptance,

3.    Acceptance by the Faculty of Graduate Studies (see FGS website to apply).

4. Please read the TERMS AND CONDITIONS for the Advanced Degrees in Medicine Program

Students are selected based on the following criteria:

1.    Academic Excellence : This is assessed based on the entire undergraduate and (if any) post graduate academic record including Med 1 or 2 grades to date if available.  
A completed copy of the U of Manitoba FGS application form should be included.

2.    Personal suitability for research training at this stage of career

3.    Feasibility of proposed doctoral or master's research program

4.    Supervisor suitability and commitment to candidate



 All Advanced Degrees in Medicine students are bound by the Faculty of Graduate Studies Regulations and Supplemental Regulations through the home department (i.e., Department which hosts the specific graduate program that the student is attaining).






Eligibility Requirements

The MD/PhD & MD/MSc program is for students currently enrolled in medicine who then pursue graduate studies at the end of their second year OR for current graduate students who then get accepted into the College of Medicine.

Please note that students wanting to pursue an Advanced Degree in Medicine must fit the eligibility requirements for both the Max Rady College of Medicine at the University of Manitoba and the Faculty of Graduate Studies.

The following link here outlines the application requirements for the Max Rady College of Medicine at the University of Manitoba: Medicine Application Bulletin

In terms of admission to Medical School in Canada specifically, University of Manitoba, all applicants must be a Canadian Citizen or Permanent Resident of Canada at the time of application. The MD/PhD and MD/MSc program are dual degree programs at the University of Manitoba.

In terms of admission to graduate school, you can apply to FGS HERE


If students have a medical degree from a medical school outside of Canada and they would like to transition their medical school training from an international institution please contact the International Medical Graduate (IMG) program: IMG Program.