Current Applicants

Email Communication

All communication with applicants is done via email. 

Please ensure your email account is set to receive messages from and so that our letters do not end up in your junk mail or trash folders.

Application Status

You can always check the status of your application at the online application login.


Official transcripts (from all of the post-secondary institutes you have attended except University of Manitoba) must be ordered and forwarded directly to:

Admissions Office
424 University Centre
The University of Manitoba
Winnipeg, Manitoba
R3T 2N2

These must be received by the deadline specified in the Applicant Information Bulletin or your application will no longer be considered.

All applicants who are currently enrolled in classes and who attend the MMI must submit an unofficial (i.e.: from the web) transcript to no later than the deadline specified in the bulletin to be considered for admission.

All courses must be completed and grades assigned to those courses by the end of June in the year you are seeking admission.

A final official transcript must be received by the end of June in the year you are seeking admission.  Late transcripts will not be accepted and no grade changes will be considered after this date.

Referee Letters

Do not submit referee letters with your application.

Choose your referees wisely.  It is advisable you choose referees that have known you for a minimum of two years.  They are not required to be academic references.  References from family members will not be accepted.

When asking a potential referee to provide a reference for you, please ensure they know that they will be contacted by the Medicine Admissions Office in January and will be required to complete the online form. 

Your referees should also know that you are unable to change your referees once your application has been submitted (i.e. your referee must be committed to providing the reference for you.)

Letters of Offer

Initial letters of offer will be sent on the date specified in the Applicant Information Bulletin. 

The number of offers sent initially varies from year to year and is decided by the Admissions Committee. 

If you do not receive a letter of offer, waitlist, or regrets on the second round offers date (as specified in the Applicant Information Bulletin), please contact us at

The waitlist will close by the end of August. Information regarding placement on the waitlist or waitlist movement will not be discussed with any applicant.

Information for Non-Admitted Applicants

Our office receives approximately 1,000 applications each year for 110 places in the class. It is highly competitive and there are many applicants who are disappointed at not being extended an invitation for admission.

The Administrator will meet with non-admitted applicants in the months of July and August for feedback. 

Please send an email to to book an appointment. As stated in the Applicant Information Bulletin, information on MMI or panel scores, composite scores or ranking, names of the Admissions Committee members, MMI, panel or MD/PhD interviewer names and reference letters will not be revealed.

Appeal Information

Applicants who wish to appeal a decision made by the Admissions Committee must submit their request in writing to the Director, Admissions, Max Rady College of Medicine. 

This request must be received no later than 10 working days from the date of the electronic notification of the decision the applicant wishes to appeal.

The mandate of the Max Rady College of Medicine appeal process shall focus on adherence to the published policies and procedures of the Admissions Committee, and not on substantive issues or the relative merits of the application.