University of Manitoba - Faculty of Arts - Political Studies - Master of Public Administration Program
Master of Public Administration Program

 All students entering the MPA Program complete a program of credits (24 core credits; 12 optional credits). The MPA will be a course-based program. No advance standing will be accepted (transfer credits). The co-operative education program (Co-op Program) will be mandatory for all students, with approved waivers for those who meet eligibility criteria.

 Students will complete 8 core courses (24 credits, all 3 credits) and 12 credits as options (for a total of 36 credits). There is no thesis option or comprehensive examinations. Students will be required, however, to complete a major paper as part of the Capstone Seminar. The required courses are:

GRAD 7500 Academic Integrity Tutorial

POLS 7136/POLS 9260 Governance and Administration

POLS 7132/POLS 9250 Public Policy Process and Issues

POLS 7140/POLS 9420 Principles of Public Finance for Policy Analysis

POLS 7138/POLS 9630 Quantitative Methods for Policy Analysis

POLS 7134/POLS 9640 Qualitative Methods and Communications in the Public Sector

POLS 7980/POLS 9620 Professional Development Workshops

POLS 7130/POLS 9040 Theories and Issues in Public Administration

POLS 6500 & POLS 6510 Co-op Education

POLS 7990/POLS 9610 Capstone Seminar

The joint Master’s Program will continue to be supervised by the Joint Disciple Committee (JDC) consisting of members from both the faculty of the University of Manitoba, the Faculty of Graduate Studies as well as their Department/Program of study.

See below for Admission Requirements, Application Procedures for Deadlines and additional Program Requirements.

 Admission Requirements

Admission to the MPA Program is limited to twenty full-time equivalent students per year. The required GPA for admission is 3.0 (B), but candidates with a GPA of 3.5 (B+), or with a combination of career experiences and a GPA between 3.0 and 3.5 would normally expect to be competitive. Students who are accepted into the program are eligible to apply to the co-operative education option. Individuals, who do not hold an undergraduate degree will be considered for admission, provided they have attained positions of marked responsibility in public or private sector management and have a demonstrated record of outstanding performance in their career. Such applicants are normally expected to have completed a minimum of 12 credit hours of undergraduate university-based course work prior to applying. Admission to this category is limited to one to two candidates per academic year.

Application Procedures and Deadlines

JANUARY 15th - International and Canadian applications deadlines for September registration. September is the only admission date. There is no admission in January.

 To be considered for admission to the Master of Public Administration program, students forward the following to the Faculty of Graduate Studies:

 - the Faculty of Graduate Studies Application for Admission form and all documents and fees that it requires, (University of Manitoba students may request a history instead of a transcript); - one copy of official transcripts from all post-secondary institutions that the student has attended. These transcripts must be received by the Faculty of Graduate Studies in envelopes that have been sealed and endorsed by the issuing institution. Where academic records are produced in a language other than English, the applicant must arrange for the submission of official literal English translations of all records; - two letters of reference. These letters must be included with the on-line application; - a brief letter of intent. The letter is an opportunity for you to tell the committee how the MPA program fits for you and how you fit the MPA program. This should include why the MPA is the relevant degree for your career plans, and what experiences you bring to the program that would make you a good contributor to the seminar discussions. - a sample of your written work, preferably a recently completed essay in a Political Studies' course.


For further information contact:

Val Myers
Graduate Program Assistant
Department of Political Studies
University of Manitoba
532 Fletcher Argue Building
(204) 474-9733 

Program Chair: 

Dr. Karine Levasseur
Chair, Master of Public Administration Program
528 Fletcher Argue Building
Department of Political Studies
University of Manitoba 
(204) 474-6410