Calling all new and returning MPA and MA Political Studies students!
With a new school year upon us, The Students’ Association for the Masters Degrees in Politics and Public Administration (SAMPA) invites all new and returning students interested in taking up a role with the SAMPA executive this year to come out on Friday, October 6th from 6-8pm at the University of Manitoba - 300 Tier, to express their interest. Uncontested executive positions will be filled by acclamation on the 6th, while contested positions will be elected by vote of the entire membership via email after the 6th.
The following positions are open for nomination:
VP Student Affairs
VP Communications
VP Marketing and Special Functions
VP MA Politics Student Affairs (MA students only)
VP Part-time Student Affairs (Part-time students only)
IPAC Representatives (Two slots)
GSA representatives (Two slots)

If you are interested in any executive position, listed above please contact in advance of the 6th. Attendance at the October 6th event is not required to be considered for any executive position, but is encouraged.
 Students not interested in any executive position are also welcome to attend as we will be moving things up to The Hub at the U of M for food and drinks following the nomination process!
What is SAMPA?
As new and returning students in the MPA and MA Political Studies programs you are all members of SAMPA. SAMPA’s goal is to promote the exchange of ideas and experiences among students and alumni from both programs through planning and hosting social events and other opportunities to meet fellow students and network with established professionals.

We meet monthly and offer a great opportunity to socialize with fellow students who share a common interest in politics and public administration. SAMPA is particularly excited to welcome so many new full-time students this year and hope you’ll all consider joining us!
Last year, SAMPA hosted two very successful events such as the holiday party at the University of Winnipeg’s Faculty Club in December 2016 with current students and alumni, as well as a trivia evening event at Jekyll & Hyde’s Free-house in the Osborne Village area- May 4, 2017 (it was a “May the 4th’ Star Wars theme)

To build on the success of last year’s events, SAMPA needs your help to fill a number of vacant executive positions and get the year kicked-off! Details below:
What: SAMPA Executive Elections Event
When: Friday, October 6th, 6pm-8pm
Where: 300 Tier - U of M
We hope to see you on the 6th and look forward to welcoming a new executive for 2017-2018!