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Image of Dr. Nancy Hansen
Dr. Nancy Hansen

Phone: 474-6458

Dr. Nancy Hansen is Director of the Interdisciplinary Master’s Program in Disability Studies at the University of Manitoba. Nancy obtained her PhD from the University of Glasgow. Her thesis examined the impact of education and social policy on the employment experiences of women with physical disabilities . Nancy’s Post-Doctoral Research also at University Glasgow examined women with disabilities access to primary health care. Nancy received an Einstein Research Fellowship examining Disability Studies and the Legacy of Nazi Eugenics. She is past president of the Canadian Disability Studies Association (CDSA). In June 2006, she was Awarded Ireland Canada University Foundation Sprott Asset Management Scholarship to examine the history of People with Disabilities in Ireland.

Research Interests:

  • Disability history (eugenics and bioethics)
  • Geography of disability
  • Disabled women’s issues
  • Disabled People’s access to primary health care
  • Disability and the media  

Dr. Deborah Stienstra
Dr. Deborah Stienstra

Phone: 204-474-9971

Deborah Stienstra is Professor in Disability Studies at the University of Manitoba. She held the Royal Bank Research Chair in Disability Studies from 2000-2003 at the Canadian Centre on Disability Studies. She has worked with national organizations including the Canadian Research Institute for the Advancement of Women, the Council of Canadians with Disabilities, the National Action Committee on the Status of Women, FAFIA, and the Canadian Voice of Women for Peace. Her recent research interests include the effects of changes in public services on people with disabilities, women’s experiences as a result of economic restructuring, intersections between disability, race/ethnicity and Aboriginality, access and inclusion in telecommunications policy, and experiences of people with disabilities in end of life and cancer care.

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Current Adjunct Professor's

Image of Dr. Diane Driedger
Dr. Diane Driedger


Diane Driedger has published eight books, including The Last Civil Rights Movement: Disabled Peoples' International (Hurst, St. Matins, 1989). Her most recent book is an edited reader: Living the Edges: A Disabled Women's Reader (Innana, 2010). She is also a poet and visual artist.

Diane was the Provincial Coordinator of the Manitoba League of Persons with Disabilities, 2010-13. She has been involved in the disability rights movement for over 30 years, which included working with Disabled Peoples international, Council of Canadians with Disabilities and DisAbled Womens Network Canada. Diane has also worked with the disability movement in Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago through CUSO and CESO. Her PhD is in Education from the University of Manitoba.

Research Interests

  • Disabled Women
  • Chronic Illness
  • International Issues
  • The Disability Rights Movement
  • Empowerment Through Writing/Storytelling
  • Access to Health Care
  • Art and Disability

Image ofDr. Deborah McPhail
Dr. Deborah McPhail

Phone: (204) 480-1352

Deborah McPhail is an Assistant Professor in Community Health Sciences, nil-appointed in Environment & Geography, and adjunct in Disability Studies. A critical health scholar who studies the social aspects of obesity, Dr. McPhail's interdisciplinary work has been published in such journals as Health and Place and Social Science & Medicine. Dr. McPhail obtained a PhD in Womens Studies from York University in 2010. Her doctoral dissertation, a feminist history of obesity discourse in twentieth-century Canada, is In Press with the University of Toronto Press. Dr. McPhail's current work focuses on the interplay among obesity discourse, social inequalities and womens and transpeoples reproductive health, with particular emphases on issues of health equity and healthcare access. Other areas of interest include: food justice and food politics; critical theories of health and the body; feminist and qualitative research methods; gender studies; anti-racist and postcolonial studies; theories of class distinction and structural oppression; globalization and health inequity; intersectional experiences of health and illness.

Publication List / Research Projects

Disability Studies Graduate Program Committee

Dr. Emily Etcheverry
Dr. Emily Etcheverry

Professor and Director, School of Medical Rehabilitation Associate Dean, Faculty of Medicine, Allied Health Areas of Special Interest:

  • Student quality of life
  • Professional education
  • Ethical practices in research
  • Quality of life of older adults
  • Occupational science
Areas of Research Interest:
  • Occupational therapy education program evaluation
  • Interprofessional education
  • Aboriginal access to professional education
  • Client perceptions of interventions
  • Factors influencing community participation of older adults
  • Falls in the elderly in institutional environments
  • Occupational performance
  • Occupation and health
Teaching Areas:
  • Research methods for evidence based practice
  • Environment and occupational performance  

Dr. Don Fuchs


  • 1980 - Ph.D., University of Toronto, Faculty of Social Work.
  • 1972 - M.S.W., University of Calgary, Faculty of Social Welfare.
  • 1969 - B.A., University of Regina, Department of Psychology.

Areas of Specialization:
  • Group Work
  • Social Network Intervention
  • Self-Help and Informal Helping
  • Community Development/Organization
  • Social Planning
  • Organizational
  • Program Evaluation
  • Child Abuse Prevention

Darcy L. MacPherson
Darcy MacPherson

Associate Professor, Faculty of Law, University of Manitoba, and a member of the bar of Ontario. He has taught courses in administrative law, commercial law, contracts, constitutional law, and corporations. His current research interests include the law of directors’ duties, corporate criminal responsibility, the law of sentencing, and issues for people adapting to activity limitations, particularly the legal relevance of these issues. He is a member of the Board of Directors of the Canadian Centre on Disability Studies. 

Dr. Dawne McCance
Dr. Dawne McCance

Research and teaching interests:
Ethics, critical theory, body history, hermeneutics.

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