Applied Health Sciences (Ph.D.)

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Director: Dr. Dean Kriellaars
Program Assistant: Jody Bohonos

Faculty of Graduate Studies
Applied Health Sciences Ph.D. Program
University of Manitoba
202 Active Living Centre
Winnipeg MB R3T 2N2

t: 204.474.7806
f: 204.474.7634

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Curtain call for the class of 2020

While earning his doctorate in Applied Health Sciences, Adam Decker had a front-row seat to the wonders of Cirque du Soleil, analyzing the physical and psychological characteristics of some of the fittest athletes and performers to ever grace the circus ring.

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About the Program

This program is a multi-unit, research-based Ph.D. in Applied Health Sciences. The two participating academic units are: Kinesiology and Recreation Management and College of Rehabilitation Sciences. The program offered is a unique and timely Ph.D. program, which includes the treatment and discussion at a graduate level of applied health science as a multi-dimensional entity, while at the same time allows for individualized high-quality health science research with an individual researcher, or small group of researchers.

The program combines the strengths of the in-depth discipline specific learning needed to prepare Ph.D. graduates, with the benefits of collaborative learning with students and faculty in other disciplines. In particular, knowledge commonly used by several disciplines can be explored and critiqued as sources of theoretical and practical knowledge. The participation of faculty and students from several disciplines in the exploration and use of knowledge will enhance students’ capacity for critical appraisal of the sources and uses of knowledge.

Objectives of the Program

  • to offer a unique multi-dimensional research-based doctoral program of high quality allowing the combination of knowledge bases in the applied health sciences which complement one another.
  • to produce Ph.D.’s with an understanding of the importance and pertinence of multi-dimensional and collaborative approaches to applied health sciences research.
  • to add to the body of knowledge in the important field of the interactive nature of the determinants of health.
  • to provide for a formal platform for interaction and research collaboration among the two participating units, relative to applied health science issues.

Admission Requirements

Applicants must meet the University of Manitoba Graduate Studies general regulations for admission.

Applicants will normally possess a research-based Master’s degree in a discipline or profession consistent with Applied Health Sciences. Applicants who do not possess a research-based Master’s degree, but who have some research experience will be assessed on a case-by-case basis, as will those with professional Master’s degrees. Students admitted to the AHS program without a research-based Master’s degree will be required to complete an additional 6 credit hour course, AHS 7010 Experiential Research in Applied Health Sciences, in the first two terms of their program.

Prior to admission to the Ph.D. program, each student will be required to specify his/her area of research interest, and to have corresponded with (an) eligible Ph.D. advisor(s) (member of the Faculty of Graduate Studies), who is (are) a faculty member of one of the two participating units, who has graduated a Master’s or PhD student, and who is (are) willing to supervise them in the program. The advisor's primary appointment must be in one of the units participating in providing the Applied Health Sciences degree program (FKRM or CoRS). Eligible faculty members from other units may serve as advisors in the AHS PhD program, however they must have adjunct appointments to one of the participating units, and will require a co-advisor whose primary appointment is within a participating unit.

Elements taken into consideration in determining the acceptance of the applicant into the program: grade-point average in Master’s courses, previous courses taken, specific research interest of the applicant, student’s rationale for choosing to apply to this program as opposed to a uni-discipline degree, current profile of students in the program, research funding and facilities availability through the proposed advisor(s) for the proposed research, and financial support for the applicant.

No admission tests are required for this program.

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Application Procedures

Applications (and all required documentation) for the Applied Health Sciences Ph.D. program must be submitted directly to the Faculty of Graduate Studies through the online application UMGradConnect.

A completed application will include:

(a) a completed Faculty of Graduate Studies official application for admission form, together with the application fee and supporting documentation.
(b) a list of academic awards, publications and/or any research or other relevant experience.
(c) at least two letters of recommendation, including one from the student’s intended Ph.D. advisor(s), attesting to the suitability of the candidate for Ph.D. studies in this program, and agreeing to accept them should they be admitted into the program; and one from the student’s Master’s degree advisor.  One additional letter of recommendation may also be appended.
(d) a letter explaining the student’s rationale for choosing to apply to this program.
(e) a Statement of Funding. This form can be found in the 'Downloadable Forms' section of your UMGradConnect application.

It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure that all required documentation is received by the department in advance of the deadline.

Incomplete applications will not be considered.

Additional information required:
(f) Upon application submission, the Supervisor Data form will be emailed to the applicant. This form should be sent to the intended supervisor for completion, then sent directly to:

Applied Health Sciences Ph.D. program
500 University Centre
University of Manitoba
Winnipeg, MB  R3T 2N2

Application Deadlines
Applications (Canadian/US/International) will be accepted up to and including March 1 of each year. Applications will be accepted for the regular session only (September start-date).

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Program Requirements

Minimum program requirements of the Faculty of Graduate Studies are found in the Graduate Studies Regulations Section of this program's Calendar entry.

The course-work requirement will consist of a minimum of twelve credits of 7000-level course-work. Of these 12 credit hours:

  • Students will be required to take AHS 7000: Research and Practice in Applied Health Sciences, a lecture/seminar course in which faculty members from the participating academic units take part (3 credits).
  • Nine credit hours may be chosen from a combination of graduate courses from the participating units or from other faculties outside the participating units that offer graduate courses related to applied health sciences.

Students in the program will also be required to take part in a monthly seminar in Applied Health Sciences with mandatory attendance for the first two years of their program (Year 1: AHS 7002 Seminar I in Applied Health Sciences; Year 2: AHS 7004 Seminar II in Applied Health Sciences), as well as yearly research-related activities (poster day, oral presentation day) involving student presentations. The monthly seminars will consist of an admixture of presenters from the University of Manitoba and from outside, with the focus on applied health science issues. Poster and oral presentations will involve directed research projects, research proposals, and applied health sciences issues.

Students will be expected to complete a candidacy exam, consisting of an oral and written component, before the end of the second year of their program. The student must pass the written and oral phases of the exam to be considered a candidate for the Ph.D. degree.
The research proposal, in the form of a document outlining the rationale and background for the study, specific objectives, and methods and procedures will be presented by the candidate in an oral format. Following the oral presentation, the candidate will defend their proposal.
The research program, culminating in the preparation and defense of a doctoral thesis, will be conducted according to the regulations of the Faculty of Graduate Studies of the University of Manitoba.

Second language reading requirement: None
Expected time to graduation: Four years

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Funding Opportunities

Please see the Faculty of Graduate Studies web site for information.

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Program Procedures for Candidacy Exams and Thesis Proposals