Tableau Datasets

To view the files, you will need Tableau® Reader™. Please uninstall older versions and install the most up-to-date version of Tableau® Reader™ from the Tableau site:


Please make sure you have version 10.4 or higher.


Viewing the dataset through Tableau® Reader™ will allow you to:

  • Drill-down to further details at the row level by hovering on the row variable in the table view and selecting the + sign; 
  • Sort ascending or descending by selecting the quick sort icon on the y-axis or from the tool bar above the view;
  • Apply quick filters on the right-hand side of the view;
  • Copy or export the table view/underlying data by selecting Worksheet in the menu selection above the view.


There are two ways to download the below Tableau packaged workbook (.twbx):

  • Option 1: Download using Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.
  • Option 2: Download using Internet Explorer and save the file extension from .zip to .twbx.