/en-geyj/ verb.

To participate or become involved in.


Your classes are likely getting more intense and in-depth by now with midterms on the horizon. As you may not be getting formal grade feedback in your courses yet, stay on track by managing your time, developing your study habits and engaging with your professors.

Arrow pointing to the right Use the list below as a guide to engage in your classes.


Hour glass

Engage in Effective Time Management. Unsure where your time is going? Find out by completing the 168 Hour Week and adjust accordingly.


Notes and pen

Engage with your Studies. Now that you have planned your study time begin to think about your study habits. Consider the various free Tutoring Services available on campus.




Engage with Student Resources and use the Student Guide to find out more about the key offices and resources on campus dedicated to supporting student success.


Engage with Your Professors by introducing yourself early on. Review How To Talk To Your Professors for tips on starting the conversation.


Former U1 student

"I wish I would have known that I needed to begin studying early and often rather than cramming before a test. My first term I did exactly this; I waited until my exams were near to begin studying, assuming they would be similar to high school. This was not the case and I ended my first term worried my marks were not high enough for my faculty of choice. The following term I began studying from day one and began to see my marks improve."

Former U1 student

Introduction to the First 6 Weeks Program