International CSL Programs

ARW International

Explore the world and experience your education! These innovative programs allow you to enhance your education by working with communities in Belize, Ecuador, and Chile. Bursaries are available for students with financial need.

U of M International Service-Learning Programs

Reading Week

Alternative Reading Week Belize
A ten-day placement in stunning Belize with our partner, the Center for Engaged Learning Abroad. You will learn about Maya land rights, food sovereignty, and Indigenous perspectives on community development and sustainable tourism.

Alternative Reading Week Ecuador

This February, travel to the Amazon Rainforest to support AMUPAKIN, a Kichwa women's collective that applies Indigenous knowledge of the rainforest ecosystem to increase the health of their communities.


Chile Service-Learning Experience

Travel with CSL to the Chilean Patagonia to support the project, Encounters of Intercultural Health: a series of workshops and seminars where Indigenous Williche youth and elder Williche practitioners of Indigenous Health will gather to learn from each other, exchange perspectives and find a sustainble future for Traditional Indigenous Health in their communities.

Community Service-Learning also offers local programs free of charge!
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Updated November, 2017