Order a Transcript to be Printed After You Graduate

You may order your transcript to be printed as soon as possible or to be printed once your degree has been awarded. If you choose to have your transcript printed after graduation it will be printed after the next graduation date, either in February, Spring, or Fall.

If you are ordering your transcript online through Aurora Student, select “Hold for Degree” from the Print Transcript options.  Only select "hold for degree" if your degree has not been awarded.  You may need to wait until after a specific date to order your transript; if you are graduating in:

  • Spring - order your transcript after February 15
  • Fall - order your transcript after June 15
  • February - order your transcript after November 1

If you are ordering your transcript in person, by mail or by fax, check the appropriate month of your graduation on the order form.

Updated September 7, 2016