If you have signed up for one or more waitlisted courses at the University of Manitoba.  There has been a delay in creating student email account, which normally would be used to notify the student when space becomes available in your course(s).

Until access to your U of M email account is granted, you should check your position on the waitlist(s) several times a day. 

To check your position on the waitlist:

1. Log in to Aurora
2. Go to the ‘Enrolment & Academic Records’ tab
3. Select ‘Registration and Exams’
4. Select ‘Student Detail Schedule’
5. Select the Term

Look for the Waitlist Position for any courses for which you are on the waitlist.  When your Waitlist Position is 0, you can register in the course.  Take note of the date that the Notification Expires.   After this time you will no longer be able to register for the course.

 Image of how the waitlist info is displayed in Aurora

 To register for this course if your Waitlist Position is 0:

1. Go back to the ‘Enrolment & Academic Records’ tab
2. Select ‘Registration and Exams’
3. Go to the 'Add or Drop Classes' tab
4. Select the Term
5. Using the 'Action' menu next to the section, select 'Registered Web'
- If a linked course is required (e.g. lecture with a lab), also enter the 5-digit CRN for that section
6. 'Submit Changes'
7. After the page refreshes, verify your 'Status' in the course
8. Remove yourself from the Waitlist for any other course or course sections you no longer want to take.

Keep in mind:
- You must be eligible to take this course; all registration restrictions, prerequisites and co-requisites will be checked as part of the registration process.
- You must have space in your timetable for this course and any linked course being taken with it. In order to switch sections of the same course without losing your space, please contact your Academic Advisor for assistance.   Normal office hours are 8:30 am to 4:30 pm Monday through Friday.  Contact your advising office for exceptions.
- You must clear any Holds on your record before attempting to register.

Questions? See or contact your Academic Advisor.

Reminder:  If you have not already done so, Claim Your ID at

Updated Aug 30, 2017