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Orientation is an event for all new students to learn about their upcoming experience at the University of Manitoba. Orientation opportunities include meeting classmates, campus tours, student success and academic sessions, and special events with various on-campus services and departments who are here to help you! There are a variety of Orientation events offered, find the right one here.

Online Orientation is a new initiative to better help you prepare for university! We are in the beginning stages of this new student experience. Currently, a series of videos are available for new students to watch and learn details about what it means to be a student at the U of M, as well as important policy information.

Yes! All new students should attend Orientation. While the Online Orientation videos are informative, they do not contain all the information needed to help you start on the right note. The information presented during the in-person Orientation is also critical to your success in your academic career, and this event will help you become more comfortable with your new surroundings.

If you are going to be a student in School of Art or Asper School of Business, you will be taking part in some of New Student Orientation with the rest of your classmates, and some faculty-specific programming. If you are joining the Faculty of Science, Family Social Science, Interdisciplinary Health Program, or Faculty of Engineering, you will be participating in a separate Orientation with your faculty. Contact your faculties directly if you have any questions.

You should hear about your upcoming orientation event 1-2 months before the event. We will inform you directly about how to register for Orientation, where exactly you need to go, and what you’ll be doing when you get there. Invites will be sent to the email you applied with, so if you need to update it, you must do so through your Application Portal. You can also stay in the loop by checking out our website periodically. Orientation is an awesome event, so make sure you know what's happening so you don't miss any of the action!

If you're unsure what to do before you start classes, you can:

Yes! There is an evening Mature Student Orientation which will be offered on August 27, 2018.
All new students who are registered as a mature/transfer student have the option of coming to this alternative session. Mature Student Orientation will cover specific topics that apply directly to your student status, and will provide you with the necessary information to help you with your time at the University of Manitoba.
*Note: Some of the aspects covered in the daytime Orientation will not be covered in the evening session.

In short, no. However, we are working on creating some programming especially for our distance and Extended Education students for Fall 2019. In the meantime, if you are in Winnipeg, you are welcome to register for New Student Orientation to learn about the resources available to you, and the expectations of being a student at the U of M. If you are not able to attend in person, you can check out our Orientation website for information, including our Online Orientation videos, and you can also email for more specific questions.

Unfortunately, Orientation is just one day. If you are unable to attend, be sure to check out the Orientation website for information on what else you can do to prepare for university. If you have further questions, you can email

We recommend you contact the International Centre, they will be happy to help answer your questions in detail.

Orientation is planned and organized by University of Manitoba staff and students who are passionate about the importance of a new student's orientation experience. Months of planning goes into this event to make sure that you have the best experience possible!

Friends and/or family who are not new University of Manitoba students are not invited to Orientation. We have designed this event just for new students, to provide you with information, resources and tools to help start your academic career on a successful note. While we love that you want to share this experience with friends and family, Orientation is an opportunity for you to meet new people, and get to know your classmates and college/faculty colleagues.

We’re glad you want to help your new student make a successful start to university! You can find more information on our Parent Resources page, and also feel free to look through our Orientation pages for more information about what your new student can expect, and when they need to keep an eye on their email for information on how to register to attend in-person Orientation. New for this year, we also have a series of Online Orientation videos that will help your new student understand what it means to be a student at the U of M.

If you are a new student starting in Fall 2018, you'll have the opportunity to join a tour at Orientation. If you don’t want to wait, you can sign-up for a tour over the summer. Information on available tours can be found here. The Winter Orientation campus tour will mainly cover the indoor tunnels, though a small portion will include being outside. If the weather is nice, it will all be outside!

If you are unsure about what classes to register for, connect with an academic advisor in your faculty, or through the First Year Centre. Academic advisors are available to answer your questions and concerns about picking the right courses for your program. You should also check out our First Year Planning Guide, full of handy information to figuring out courses for your first year.

If you have changed your mind about attending the U of M before you have registered for classes, you should contact the Admissions office to inquire about deferring or declining your offer of admission. If you choose to not attend the university after you have registered for classes, it is your responsibility to withdraw from your classes. Failing to attend classes is not the same as withdrawal, and you will still be responsible for grades and fees related to your registration. If you have questions about how to withdraw from courses please contact an Academic Advisor in your home faculty.

Parking passes are on sale between April and July each year. Once registration is full, you can sign-up for the waitlist through your JUMP account. (Please note, your Orientation reminder will include details for parking for the day.) For more information on parking on campus and applicable payments, please visit Parking Services. Alternatively, as a part of your paid fees, you are able to activate your U-PASS to take transit to and from campus. For more information on the U-PASS visit the U-PASS information page on the UMSU website.

New students starting in the Fall Term can get their student photo ID card any time after May 1 from the Registrar’s Office on the 4th floor of UMSU University Centre. (After November 1 for students starting in the Winter Term.) During the last two weeks of August and first week of September, the ID Centre will be available on the 2nd floor of UMSU University Centre. Please visit the student photo ID card page for more information, including hours of operation.


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