IP and Market Assessments

The Intellectual Property (IP) Assessment will undertake the following:

1. Prior Art Search and Evaluation

a. A search of patent and literature databases is undertaken to locate any potential patents and publications in the field that may limit patentability or freedom to operate

b. Determine the impact of the prior art on patent-ability (i.e. Does the invention satisfy the patent-ability requirements of novelty, non-obviousness, and utility?)

2. Investigation into third party ownership of the invention

a. Determination of funding sources and any transfer of rights that may have occurred with such funding

b. Investigation into the role of other institutions in the research, if any

3. Public disclosure of the invention

a. Determination of which aspects of the technology, if any, have been publicly disclosed

b. Understanding how such disclosures may impact the IP protection strategy for the invention

4. Patent Strategy

a. Given the above information, a patent strategy is formulated to indicate whether a patent should be filed, and if so, when, and in what countries.

b. The researcher will be asked to participate in the analysis of the prior art, and will receive a copy of the IP Assessment once completed.

The Market Assessment will undertake the following:

1. Overall market opportunity

a. Identify market needs and trends, and demographic factors which influence the market.

b. Identify potential target markets

2. Competition and prospective licensees

a. Companies selling similar products

b. Identify and gather intelligence on competition: market dominance, strengths/weakness

c. A comparison is made of the proposed technology with those which are currently available or published research

3. Notable market characteristics

a. Distribution channels

b. Potential licensees identified

c. Possible commercialization routes

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