FAQs About the Applicant Pool

How many applicants typically apply each year? 

The number of applicants fluctuates from year to year; we anticipate having at least 200 applicants again next year.

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What was the cutoff Grade Point Average (GPA) last year?

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Although the minimum GPA required for our program is 3.0, only candidates with the highest GPAs in their last 60 credit hours will be chosen to fill the available interview seats. In 2016, the minimum GPA to receive an interview was 3.75 in the “Manitoba” category and 4.01 in the “other Canadian” category and 4.42 in the “International” category (our highest minimum GPAs to date).

In 2017, the minimum GPA to be offered an interview was:

  • 3.857 in the “Manitoba” category;
  • 3.93 in the “other Canadian” category
    In 2017 no offers were extended to candidates in the “International” category.

How many applicants apply to each category? 

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How many out-of-province applicants do you accept into your program?

This number fluctuates from year to year. Up to 15 per cent of spots will be held for competitive out-of-province applicants within the first 50 letters of offer. Once the first 50 offers are sent out, all other applicants (Manitoban, Other Canadian, and International) are placed on an alternate list based on overall score regardless of residency.

Updated May, 2017



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