Bachelor of Respiratory Therapy (Degree Completion) Program

Program Overview

Degree Completion Program

The Bachelor of Medical Rehabilitation in Respiratory Therapy [BRT] degree completion program is designed for Registered Respiratory Therapists who wish to complete their degree.

Admission Requirements:

Registered Respiratory Therapists who are registered with the Canadian Society of Respiratory Therapists or any other provincial regulatory body may apply to complete their degree. Respiratory Therapy diploma holders will be evaluated on the basis of previous work completed as indicated on a valid transcript of marks and supporting documentation from their educational institution. All respiratory therapy diploma holders who apply for degree completion must be graduates of a Council of Accreditation of Respiratory Therapy Education accredited program. A letter of intent is required and should indicate motivation for taking the program and how the program will support the applicants' professional/academic goals. All academic requirements for degree completion will be assessed on an individual basis.

The application of prospective students who meet minimum admission criteria will be evaluated for admission, on behalf of the BRT Admissions and Selections Committee, by the Chair of the BRT Admissions and Selections Committee and the Head of the Department of Respiratory Therapy. Admission may be restricted due to space limitations, as determined by the Head of the Department of Respiratory Therapy.

Program Guidelines:

Upon admission an Academic Advisor who is a faculty member of the Department of Respiratory Therapy will be appointed. The role of the Academic Advisor is to determine program coursework requirements, to advise students on academic matters, and to review student progress at minimum annually.

Students will be required to complete the equivalent required coursework of the traditional entry-to-practice BRT degree (or equivalent coursework) has been completed. A minimum of 30 credit hours of coursework must be completed for the BRT degree completion program. This will include:

1. All RESP and REHB courses which have not been completed as part of the student’s previous Respiratory Therapy Program or subsequent post-secondary studies.
2. Prerequisite coursework which is deemed foundational or complimentary to any the RESP or REHB coursework (or equivalent courses).
3. The balance of the coursework (to a total of 30 credit hours) will include elective courses that support the student’s academic and professional learning goals, as determined collaboratively by the student and the Academic Advisor.


For additional information, please direct inquiries to: Kristen Stefanson, Admissions/Recruitment Officer, (204) 789-3259, email to:



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Degree Completion Program

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