Special Needs

We welcome children of all abilities and believe every child deserves an opportunity to select the program that interests them most.

What type of Special Needs

If you believe your child would be successful participating with a group of children of the same chronological age for at least 60 per cent of the day or more (with or without the assistance of a one on one support staff) then please select the program from our program guide that interests them most. Although we make every effort to be fully inclusive we do have some limitations in providing an experience for all children.

Our Environment

Our environment is energetic and fast paced, where days are full of fun activities and lots of laughter. Children will likely have a new activity or a variation provided every 15 minutes with a change in location each hour. During these activities they will be asked to participate in dynamic activities as part of a team or in pairs.

Will My Child Suceed

If you do not believe your child would be successful participating in this environment for 60 per cent of the day or more, with a group of children of similar chronological age, then Mini U might not be the best fit for him/her. Please feel free to contact us to discuss (Ashley.Gagnon@umanitoba.ca) if you are unsure.

One on One Support Workers

We hire and train a small group of experienced support workers to provide one on one support for children with special needs during our summer programs. These support workers are available to children who have funding through Children disABILITY Services (CDS). Additionally, two Mini U funded support worker spots are available each week for children who do not have funding through any other agency. Please note these are allocated on a first come first served basis and are only available during our summer camp programs.

Program Fee Subsidy

Please note: all of our Special Needs Subsidy funds have been distributed for 2018

How to proceed:

  1. Please check the availability of our support workers (if your child requires support from one of our support staff) when considering which week(s) of camp would be best.
  2. Choose a program for your child to attend and complete the hard copy registration form (Please note: for families requesting support staff, online registration is not available)
  3. Complete the subsidy application form (if applicable) and provide a form of payment for the family portion
  4. Complete the Special Needs Form
  5. Return all documentation to: Ashley Gagnon, 102 Frank Kennedy Centre, University of Manitoba Winnipeg, MB R3T2N2 Ashley.Gagnon@umanitoba.ca
  6. All applications from returning families will be processed on our pre-sale day (Saturday, March 10) in the order they were received. Please feel free to send them in as soon as they are completed. All applications received from families new to Mini U will be processed beginning on Monday, March 12 when open registration begins.


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