Procedure: Admission to Graduate Program in Immunology

The Department of Immunology offers a research-intensive program of graduate training leading to M.Sc. or Ph.D. degrees in Immunology, and provides the experience suitable for research careers in biomedical science in the context of industry, government or academic laboratories. The Department has all the essential equipment and laboratory facilities for active research in programs in the following areas: isolation and characterization of antibodies and antigens; detection and function of cytokines; cell receptors and their functions; signal transduction; cell differentiation; development of monoclonal antibodies; structure and function of adhesion molecules; recombinant DNA methodology; flow cytometry and other fluorescence-based cell analyses; mass spectroscopy; confocal microscopy; regulation of the immune response in relation to allergy, transplantation, vaccination and cancer; discovery of novel immunoregulatory genes and compounds; development of immunodiagnostic procedures.

Admission Procedures

A complete admissions application consists of the following:
  1. the Faculty of Graduate Studies on-line application (UMGradConnect web site).  Please indicate a preferred advisor. Advisors' contact information is on the Department of Immunology's faculty contact page.

    NOTE: There are two review processes involved. First, the Faculty of Graduate Studies ensures that applications are complete. Next, the Department of Immunology's internal review committee assesses them and makes a recommendation for acceptance or rejection to the Faculty of Graduate Studies. However, the Department will not start the internal review until you confirm to us that you have found a supervisor. To complete the online application form for the Faculty of Graduate Studies' evaluation, you can simply list the names of the Department of Immunology faculty members with whom you are interested in working. However, you do need to contact a faculty member as soon as possible to get his/her support for your application. If you cannot find a supervisor who is committed to your application, your completed application will not proceed to the internal review for final recommendation. As all graduate degrees in our Department are thesis-based, all applicants admitted into the program require lab resources to support their studies. As in most, if not all, universities in Canada, each faculty member carries the responsibility to apply for competitive grants and secure external funding to support his/her own research program. As such, the Department cannot assign students to faculty members because (a) the Department does not know what particular qualities and assets a faculty member requires for a particular graduate student position and (b) the Department does not manage the research grants each faculty member holds.
  2. Admissions fee of $100 in Canadian currency (as of December 15, 2009)
  3. Official academic transcript(s)
  4. 2-3 letters of reference
  5. Curriculum vitae or résumé
  6. Statement of Intent indicating your scientific background, scientific interests and intended area of study (one paragraph). If the applicants would like to be considered for a Mindel and Tom Olenick Entrance Scholarship, they should indicate this here.
  7. Current Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) score (if not a native English-speaker).

Please note that paper documentation is not accepted. On-line applications only, please.

Faculty of Graduate Studies
University of Manitoba
500 University Centre
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
R3T 2N2

Phone: (204) 474-9377
Fax: (204) 474-7553

** Complete applications are subsequently reviewed by the Department of Immunology Admissions Committee, who will decide whether the applicant meets the unit’s criteria. The minimum criteria for admission are outlined in the Supplementary Regulations. Please note that some applicants meeting these minimum criteria may still be judged to be uncompetitive, depending on the number and quality of other applicants and other factors that vary year to year. Applications meeting the criteria will be approved for admission only after the proposed advisor has agreed to be the student's supervisor.

* Departmental approval is forwarded the Faculty of Graduate Studies who check that the applicant meets the eligibility requirements of the Faculty of Graduate Studies. The Faculty of Graduate Studies, not the Department of Immunology, notifies applicants of their acceptance or rejection.

* Approved applicants who meet the eligibility requirement for the Entrance Scholarship will be considered by the Department Awards Committee. Applicants will be assessed based on their admission application materials. Scholarship winners will be directly notified by the Department.

Guidelines for admission into M.Sc. or Ph.D. program

Grade Point Average and TOEFL Score:

that although the Faculty of Graduate Studies requires a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.0 (B) for admission, and a TOEFL score of 550 (paper based test) or 80 (internet based test), many Departments have higher minimum standards.

The Department of Immunology requires a minimum TOEFL score of 600 (paper based) or 88 (internet based, with a minimum of 20 points from each section of the test.) In most cases a grade point average (GPA) above 3.5 is needed to be competitive for available positions in the program.

Direct admission into the Ph.D. program:

Canadian students wishing to be considered for admission to a Ph.D. program directly from a 4-year honours Bachelor’s degree or equivalent must be outstanding in their academic background (GPA well above 3.0 in the last two full years of undergraduate study). Students with international M.Sc. degrees where the equivalency to a Canadian degree is difficult to determine will be considered for direct admission to the Ph.D. program on a case-by-case basis, taking into account multiple factors including the specific program of study, academic excellence, English language proficiency, evidence of research experience and recommendation letters.

GPA Equivalents

GPA equivalents can be calculated by applicants themselves.  Please see

Deadline Dates for submission of Application for Admission

NB:  Applicants are advised to apply well before the dates indicated.
  The deadlines given are to ensure that the Faculty of Graduate Studies has enough time to process Departmental recommendations, communicate the decision to the applicant, and leave ample time for registration and, for international students, time for obtaining a study permit and other official documents.

For sessions starting: Canadian/American International
FALL (September) July 1 April 1
WINTER (January) November 1 August 1
SUMMER (May) March 1 December 1

For questions regarding Departmental application, admission and registration procedures, contact:

Mrs. Susan Ness
Department of Immunology
College of Medicine
Faculty of Health Sciences
Room 471 Apotex Centre
750 McDermot Avenue
Winnipeg, MB, R3E 0W3

For academic program questions, contact:

Dr. Abdelilah Soussi Gounni, Graduate Chair (as of August 15, 2019_