About Advanced Degrees in Medicine

Why pursue and Advanced Degree in Medicine?

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The combined MD/PhD and MD/MSc programs provide benefits to scholarship and to the professional development of clinician scientists by allowing better integration of clinical and research training experiences, and providing better opportunities for fostering translational research.

Our programs are in keeping with the strategic directions of both the Canadian Institutes of Health Research Strategic Plan and Government of Canada's Science and Technology Strategy, which emphasize:

  • the need for providing increased trans-sectional and multidisciplinary training
  • translating knowlegde into practical applications
  • building research excellence
  • deepening the pool of highly skilled clinician scientists

MD/PhD & MD/MSc Program

The combined-degree MD/MSc Program in the Max Rady  College of Medicine is designed to begin  development of academic clinician scientists by providing them advanced clinical, and research skills.

The MD/PhD Program in the Max Rady College of Medicine is designed to produce academic clinician scientists who are interested in a career that combines both research and clinical medicine, providing them advanced clinical and research skills


 All Advanced Degrees in Medicine students are bound by the Faculty of Graduate Studies Regulations and Supplemental Regulations through the home department (i.e., Department which hosts the specific graduate program that the student is attaining).

Additional Information about MD/PhD Program

MD/PhD Information for Current Students


Additional Information about MD/MSc Program

MD/MSc Information for Current Students