Advanced Degrees in Medicine Program FAQ's
I am interested in the Advanced Degrees in Medicine Program.  How do I know if I am eligible to apply?

Students currently enrolled in first or second year or those just admitted to Medicine are eligible to apply. 

Applications are considered at any time, but admission to the Graduate Studies component (i.e., PhD or MSc) takes place according to timelines set by the Faculty of Graduate Studies.  

What is the duration of the program options (i.e., MD/PhD or MD/MSc)?

The minimum program of study is the total  required by the Max Rady College of Medicine for the MD program (4 years) plus the minimum requirements of the Faculty of Graduate Studies. Students typically complete a Master’s degree in 2–3 years. Most students complete the doctoral  training in 4-5 years.

I have just been accepted into the MD Program.   I am interested in the MD/PhD or MD/MSc program. Can I apply for the MD/PhD or MD/MSc program?

YES.  Most candidates seeking to enter their PhD “immediately” have completed a MSc or MA and have a good understanding of what conducting research means.  They can apply immediately or at any time during the first two years of medical school.  Those candidates with very limited research experience are usually encouraged to obtain hands on experience in the research field (i.e. via the BSc Med program) prior to application for the MD/PhD option.  You will have till March 1 of Med II to apply for the MD/PhD Program.

If I am just entering medical school, will I need to send in two sets of applications?

Yes but not simultaneously.  Admission to the MD/PhD or MD/MSc program requires admission to both the MD and Faculty of Graduate Studies components as separate entities (i.e. Applicants must meet the criteria for both programs). Consideration of admission to the MD/PhD or MD/MSc Option can proceed promptly after a student has received notification of admission into the MD program. After this process is completed, a formal application for admission to the Faculty of Graduate Studies is required. 

Can I do a B.Sc.(Med) first, or transfer from an existing B.Sc.(Med.) program since I’m currently in year 2?

Trainees beginning or currently enrolled in rigorous B.Sc.(Med.) projects with potential to be re-oriented to M.Sc. could be eligible to apply for admission to the MD/MSc program in place of completing the B.Sc.(Med.). Note that you cannot apply the work from a completed B.Sc(Med.) degree to an M.Sc. or PhD degree as that would be receiving double credit.

If I’m in a MD M.S.c program and decide to stay for my PhD, is this possible?

Yes. It is possible within 12 months of full time enrollment in the M.Sc. program (i.e. by Spring of the year following Med II) under the usual MD/PhD and departmental/FGS admission terms and conditions.  You do not complete a M.Sc. or write that thesis, but instead apply your research towards a PhD.  This usually adds another 12-24 months to your program. Those considering this option should contact Dr. Natchigal well in advance of the deadline.

Will students accepted to the program receive support funding?

  • MD/MSc trainees that remain in good academic standing receive renewable stipend funding of $21,000 per annum for time spent activelyengaged in full time research (i.e.  approx. 2-2.5 years).
  • MD/PhD trainees that remain in good standing receive renewable stipend funding of $25,000 per annum for up to 6 years, or until successful defense and submission of their approved final PhD thesis.
    The program will provide up to 6 years of support. Any external funding will take the place (not be in addition to) of the funding from the program. 6 years of funding will include all sources of funding, cummulatively. For example; 2 years from program, 2 years from an external award and a further 2 years from the program

    A research allowance is available to encourage trainees to present at national or international conferences and to help offset the costs of laboratory consumables, publication fees or research software. Available research
    allowance differs for MD/MSc ($1,000 in 2nd year) and MD/PhD students ($1,000/year).